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Moving auspicious day will you move on May 31, 2018

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moving is a very happy thing. All trivial things in moving need to be handled. It is also important to choose a suitable day to move. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to know whether May 31, 2018 is suitable for moving? Will you move on April 17, 2018?


Thursday, May 31, 2018, April 17, 2018, chongshe (Ding SI) Shaxi. [appropriate] [don't use the daily four wastes event] get a marriage certificate as a kitchen, take money, break a house, marry a broken wall, set up a voucher to attract money, take a boat, take a son-in-law's treasure and take medicine [avoid] [don't use the daily four wastes event] Moving, decorating, opening, entering the house, starting to move in, setting up doors and beds, going out, getting engaged, burying, Shangliang, opening a trip, going to any post, building, praying and sacrificing to Kaishi, accepting livestock, picking, migrating, building houses, crowns and hairpins, seeking medical treatment, vertical columns, fasting, sacrificing, water, living in separate accounts, and purchasing


, Today's taboo indicates that there is no use for major events, which is what we usually call a broken day. Therefore, this day is not suitable for moving. Choosing a day suitable for house moving can be more satisfactory.

precautions for moving 1. Do not enter the house empty handed. On the day of moving, when I walked in for the first time, I must have some valuable things in my hand. It means that the family will have more and more wealth in the future.

2. No construction after entering the house. Before moving, you can try to go to the compartment, knock and knock, and do anything you want. Once you move in, try not to build again. You can move things. If you want to do it again, you must choose a day.

3. Pregnant women do not move. If you must move, you can ask the pregnant woman to go back to her mother's house for a while and enter the new house after moving. Pregnant women try not to participate in the whole process of moving.

4. We should choose the auspicious day and time. We must choose the auspicious day and auspicious day before noon to see which day on the lunar calendar is suitable for moving into the house. We should also pay attention not to rush to the location, which is the zodiac day of family members.

5. The new house should have a "fire nunnery". In the first three days before moving in, all the lights in the house should be on for three days and three nights. It is called Huo nunnery. Three nights means that the fire shines. On the one hand, the family began to prosper three days after dawn. On the one hand, the air began to circulate. If it went on, please ask him to go away.

6. Treat on the same day or afterwards. It's a treat on the day when you enter the house. If you're too busy, you can choose a day afterwards.

7. Be present when moving. You should be present when you move. Don't just entrust people to help move. If you move by yourself, you'll know that things won't fall off.

8. Open fire and cook Tangyuan sweet tea on the same day. On the day of moving, the "stove" must fire, not cold stove. You can cook something sweet, such as sweet dumplings or sweet tea, and eat something sweet.

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