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Wedding auspicious day May 28, 2018 will you get married

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one of the four happiest events in life is marriage, which shows how important a person's marriage is in life, so we must choose a good day. Then this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether May 28, 2018 is suitable for marriage? Will you get married on April 14, 2018?


Monday, May 28, 2018, April (14th) of the lunar calendar, chonghu (Jiayin) Shanan, northwest of the God of happiness, southwest of the God of blessing and east of the God of wealth. [appropriate] start the business, get the marriage license, start the ground, travel, get engaged, open the kitchen, travel, ask for heirs, repair graves, go to the post, pray for blessings and sacrifice, open the market, accept wealth, accept livestock, open the drill, open the light, marry, accept mining, set up vouchers, and apply Pingzhi Road [avoid] Move, decorate, put in a house, put in a bed, bury the upper beam, break the ground, build a monument, remove an Xiang's clothes, remove the migration, build a house, build a crown hairpin, build a foundation, seek medical treatment, erect a column, adopt, plant, build a bed, discharge water, mourn, open a warehouse, open a canal, build a bridge, acupuncture and embankment, relatives and friends, enter the population


according to the results of the old yellow calendar, Today's best day is marriage. This day is suitable for getting a certificate or holding a marriage. The two are happy and have a good marriage for a hundred years.

China's traditional folk marriage customs: the taboo of sending dowry. 1. It is not suitable for men and women to meet the day before the wedding, so the woman should not send the bride's immediate adult relatives to accompany her when sending the dowry. 2. The woman may send a close relative boy (usually the bride's younger brother or close relative's younger brother) to go with the key to the box of the dowry. Now it is generally enough to go with him, which is called "dowry". 3. All dowry items and all kinds of vehicles and tools for dowry are made of red silk to show good luck. 4. The number of dowry givers and vehicles should be even. 5. The man has to give the dowry giver happy cigarettes, candy and money. The wedding money for a dowry boy should be slightly more. 6. Avoid accompanying bed, pot and clock. 7. Items that can be used by the bride and groom, such as bedding, washbasin, face mirror, tea cup, pillow towel, chair stool, vase, etc., should be even.

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