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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on June 1, 2018

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everyone will choose a happy day when they get married, so as to better make their marriage better. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether June 1, 2018 is suitable for marriage? Will you get married on April 18, 2018?


Friday, June 1, 2018, April 18, 2018, chongma (Wuwu) Shanan. The northeast of the God of happiness, the north of the God of blessing and the northeast of the God of wealth. [appropriate] decoration, opening, getting married, getting married, getting started, setting up a bed, traveling, getting engaged, opening the upper beam, traveling, asking for offspring, going to work, building, praying and sacrificial offerings, lifting the opening of the market, receiving money, catching weddings, collecting coupons, planting vertical columns, praying for money, attracting a son-in-law to fish [taboo] We analyze from the results of the old yellow calendar, today's appropriate middle is marked with marriage, certificate and marriage, so this day is suitable for marriage, happy marriage, happy marriage for a hundred years, early birth of your son.


1. It is one of the important ceremonies for the bridegroom and bride to drink "cross wine" at the wedding. This custom has existed in ancient times and originated in the Qin Dynasty. According to historical records, at that time, the bride and groom each drank with a ladle cut into two, which means that the two have been one since then, and the husband and wife have the same status. After marriage, they love each other and Pepsi is harmonious. It was not until the Tang Dynasty that the container was replaced with a wine cup. Today, the wine ceremony has changed a lot from the original, but no matter what the expression of this custom is different, its meaning is the same, that is, it symbolizes that the knot is always good and not separated, and it also has the profound meaning of letting the bride and groom share joys and sorrows.

2. Wearing a ring, many young people don't know what finger the ring is on and what the meaning will be. Jokes or gossip caused by wearing rings can be found everywhere. Therefore, when you decide to wear a ring on the street, you must learn to mend the ring. Even if it is decoration, but it can avoid misunderstanding, why not? Hint of the ring: wearing it on the index finger indicates that you are unmarried and want to get married; Wearing it on the middle finger means that you are in love; Wear it on the ring finger to indicate that you are engaged or married; Wear it on your little finger to show that you are single. In foreign countries, wedding rings cannot be made of alloy, but must be made of pure gold, platinum or silver, indicating that love is pure. The names of both parties must be engraved on the ring, because it is a permanent commemoration, which means that you will never grow old.

III. marriage witness "marriage witness" generally invites elders in the family cluster, unit leaders or people with high prestige at the whole wedding to be marriage witnesses. The witness usually reads out the marriage certificate and makes a testimony at the beginning of the wedding.

IV. the person in charge of marriage generally refers to the parents, the groom's father or the bride's father. In some cases, it is also possible for the groom, the bride's mother or grandparents.

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