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Moving auspicious day will you move on June 7, 2018

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worked hard to buy a house. Of course, they have to live in it on a good day, get a good start and have a good mood. Then this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether it is suitable to move on June 7, 2018? Will you move on April 24, 2018?


Thursday, June 7, 2018, April 24, 2018, Chongshu (Jiazi) Sha Bei. [appropriate] move to start business, get married, get a residence permit, start to set up a bed, travel, open a stove, travel, repair a grave, go to office for sacrifice, accept money, marry a migrant, get married, go to school and train livestock [avoid] From the results of the old yellow calendar, it is appropriate to indicate that you have entered the house today, so this day is suitable for moving, and you will be able to settle down, prosper the country and protect peace.

1. Can I go in before entering the house? No, it's easy to rush into a house without a "house entry ceremony". Therefore, feng shui experts do not recommend that people live in temporarily without holding a "house entry ceremony".

II. The new house needs to be checked in recently. There is no need to open fire. You just need to sleep in it. Can we not hold the house entry ceremony for the time being? A. as long as you stay in a new house, whether you open fire or not, it is considered a housewarming, because staying in a new house is essentially calculated from the first night. B. It is important to hold the house entry ceremony. Although the house entry ceremony can be complex and simple, Dr. Zheng suggests that you should grasp some important principles, such as choosing a auspicious day to officially check in. C. The so-called auspicious day mainly refers to the day when the month, year and day do not collide, the day does not collide with the belongings of the residents, the day does not collide with the house sitting on the mountain, and the day on the Yellow calendar does not avoid relocation.

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