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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on June 14, 2018

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walked into the palace of marriage. From then on, he took the other half's hand and walked forward together. The happy sound began. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether June 14, 2018 is suitable for marriage? How about getting married on the first day of May 2018?


Thursday, June 14, 2018, the first day of may (primary) in the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Xinwei) Shadong. The God of happiness is in the south, the God of blessing is in the southeast, and the God of wealth is in the West. [appropriate] decorate the ground, set up a bed, travel, get engaged, trade, travel, ask for an heir, go to his post, repair, pray, sacrifice, release money, catch clothes, open light, dig a well, open a pool, erect columns, plastic painting, plant fasting rituals, add water, settle accounts, accept his son-in-law, take fishing treasures [avoid] Move, start business, get married, enter the house, get a certificate, start burial, Shangliang opens a stove, barber breaks the ground, Anxiang opens the city, accepts livestock, starts drilling, marries migrant logging meridians, establishes a voucher, takes a boat, opens a warehouse and buys


from the results of the old yellow calendar, there are signs of marriage in today's taboos, So this day is not suitable for getting married.


the source of the double happiness of marriage: it is said that in ancient times, there was an only daughter named long Xifeng, who was eager to learn, knowledgeable and knowledgeable. Earlier, when a woman was twelve or three, her parents made arrangements to find her husband's family. Kexifeng had to find it by herself. At the age of 18, long Xifeng wrote this couplet in front of her home. It has been almost a year now, and no one has come to fill in the second couplet. Member long is also very worried. Today, when he came out to relax, he just saw Youxi filling in the second couplet of the couplet. He was very happy. He saw that the second couplet wrote: "Flying Tiger flag, flying tiger flag, rolling tiger flag hiding." once again, he saw Youxi, a talent, very handsome, so he led Youxi to see Xifeng.

long Xifeng saw that Youxi was very energetic. After listening to him, he spoke extraordinary. Knowing that he was a talented and learned person, he agreed. They were just about to get married. Suddenly, gongs and drums sounded outside. It turned out that Youxi won the first prize in the exam. The examiner came to pick him up in person. As soon as the examiner looked at the marriage, he said happily, "the two happy events have come together. It's really a" double happiness "at the door."


"upon hearing this, member long hurriedly called his family and wrote two big happiness words on the head of the door. The examiner looked and said," no, the two happy events are next to each other, and the two happy words should also be next to each other. "As soon as long Yuanwai heard it, he hurriedly said," it's reasonable. "So they put the two happy words together and became the word" 囍 "which is still used today."

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