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Moving auspicious day will you move on June 16, 2018

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moves, we need to prepare a lot of things. People will choose when to move according to the results of the old yellow calendar, so this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether June 16, 2018 is suitable for moving? Will you move on the second day of May 2018?


Saturday, June 16, 2018, the third day of may (primary) in the lunar calendar, Chongji (Guiyou) Shaxi. [appropriate] move, get married, get engaged, make a stove, ask for heirs, pray for blessings, sacrifice, release, capture, marry, accept, collect, migrate, erect columns, plant fasting, sacrifice, go to school and open positions [avoid] Decoration and opening, entering the house, starting to move to the ground and set up a bed, going out to bury Shangliang, opening a travel, repairing a grave, going to work, breaking the ground, building a city, receiving money and livestock, starting to drill, log and build houses, digging meridians, setting up vouchers, seeking medical treatment, living apart, building bridges, acupuncture and embankment


from the results of the old yellow calendar, It is indicated in today's appropriate to move, so this day is suitable for moving and brings peace and auspiciousness.


after moving: 1. Clean the floor and wipe the surfaces of tables, chairs and cabinets; 2. Put some daily necessities in order to maintain normal life order; 3. Some things that are not used at ordinary times can be stored in the cabinet or box first, and then sorted out slowly when you have time; 4. When all objects are basically in place and the room is cleaned, start to tidy clothes and beds; 5. Finally, some decorations can be placed in the new house to make the new home feel fresh. Claims after the damage of


: 1. For the damage of household appliances, we should be asked to bear the maintenance cost. If it is completely damaged, we should compensate for the new products; 2. For the damage of valuables, please ask relevant departments to make compensation after valuation; 3. For personal injury caused by our reasons, the moving party shall be responsible for the medical expenses; 4. If there is a dispute in the claim settlement process, it can be solved by the consumer association or relevant departments. After


settle down: 1. Get the necessary permits: Community pass, vehicle access permit, parking land occupation permit, dog permit, etc; 2. Take the initiative to greet the neighbors, get to know each other, and establish a preliminary neighborhood relationship

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