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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on June 24, 2018

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is a wedding song. It flies past brilliantly. From then on, we will live a happy life. A beautiful marriage is the beginning of a new life. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether June 24, 2018 is suitable for marriage? Will you get married on May 11, 2018?


Sunday, June 24, 2018, may (small) 11, 2018, chongshe (Xinsi) Shaxi. The God of happiness is in the south, the God of blessing is in the southeast, and the God of wealth is in the West. [appropriate] [don't use it for New Year Events on daily value] decorate marriage certificate, move the ground to place a bed for burial as a stove, ask the heir to go to work, build sacrifices, remove bathing, capture marriage, netting meridians, dig wells and vertical columns, hunt, plant, seek money and fish [avoid] [don't use it for New Year Events on daily value] From the results of the old yellow calendar, we can see that today's Taboos indicate that big things should not be used, that is, what we usually call broken days, An unlucky day. So this day is not suitable for marriage.

in June 2018, there are 13 days suitable for marriage: June 1, 2018, Friday, April 18, 2018, Gemini, June 3, 2018, April 20, 2018, Sunday, June 5, 2018, April 22, 2018, Gemini, June 6, 2018, April 23, 2018, Wednesday, June 8, 2018, April 25, 2018, Friday, June 11, 2018, April 28, 2018, Monday, June 14, 2018, May 18, 2018 First day, Thursday, Gemini, June 18, 2018, the fifth day of may (small) in the lunar calendar, Monday, Gemini, June 20, 2018, the seventh day of may (small) in the lunar calendar, Wednesday, Gemini, June 21, 2018, the eighth day of may (small) in the lunar calendar, Thursday, Gemini, June 22, 2018, Cancer

on Friday, the ninth day of may (small) in 2018, Tuesday, may (small) in 2018, June 29, 2018, and may (small) 16 in 2018 https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/19792.html
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