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Moving auspicious day will you move on June 30, 2018

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

installs a wishful door, opens the auspicious blessing window, paints a layer of sweet paint, puts a warm bed in the bedroom, sprinkles sunlight on the balcony, and the living room is full of happy flowers. Then, the old yellow calendar of this issue will take you to understand whether it is suitable to move on June 30, 2018? Will you move on May 17, 2018?


Saturday, June 30, 2018, May 17, 2018, Chongzhu (Dinghai) Shadong. [appropriate] decoration, opening, marriage certificate, engagement, opening, cooking stove, going to work, building, praying, sacrificing, opening the market, accepting wealth, accepting livestock, tailoring, marrying, accepting collection, establishing vouchers, plugging holes and building embankments [taboo] From the results of the old yellow calendar, today's taboos are marked with moving and entering the house, so it is not suitable to move and move on this day.

there are 14 auspicious days for moving in June 2018: June 2, 2018, April 19 of the lunar calendar, Saturday, Chongyang (Jiwei) Shadong, June 4, 2018, April 21 of the lunar calendar, Monday, Chongji (Xinyou) Shaxi, June 7, 2018, April 24 of the lunar calendar, Thursday, Chongshu (Jiazi) Shabei, June 10, 2018, April 27 of the lunar calendar, Sunday, chongtu (Dingmao) Shadong, June 11, 2018, April 28 of the lunar calendar, Monday, Chonglong (Wuchen) Shabei, June 15, 2018, the second day and Friday of may (small) of the lunar calendar, Chonghou (Renshen) Shabei, June 16, 2018, the third day and Saturday of may (small) of the lunar calendar, Chongji (Guiyou) Shaxi, June 17, 2018, the fourth day of may (small) in the lunar calendar, Sunday, Chonggou (Jiashu) Shanan, June 19, 2018, the sixth day of may (small) in the lunar calendar, Tuesday, Chongshu (Bingzi) Shabei, June 20, 2018, the seventh day of may (small) in the lunar calendar, Wednesday, chongniu (Ding Chou) Shaxi, June 26, 2018, and may (small) in the lunar calendar 13、 On Tuesday, Chongyang (Guiwei) Shadong, June 27, 2018, May 14 of the lunar calendar, Wednesday, Chonghou (Jiashen) Shabei, June 28, 2018, May 15 of the lunar calendar, Thursday, Chongji (Yiyou) Shaxi, June 29, 2018, May 16 of the lunar calendar, Friday, Chonggou (BINGSHU) Shanan

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