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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on June 30, 2018

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when we have time, we run to the places we want to go and have a look. We take funny photos everywhere we leave our footprints. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether June 30, 2018 is suitable for marriage? Will you get married on May 17, 2018?


Saturday, June 30, 2018, May 17, 2018, Chongzhu (Dinghai) Shadong. The God of happiness is southeast, the God of blessing is northeast, and the God of wealth is due south. [appropriate] decoration, opening, marriage certificate, engagement, opening, cooking stove, going to work, building, praying, sacrificing, opening the market, accepting wealth, accepting livestock, tailoring, marrying, accepting collection, establishing vouchers, plugging holes and building embankments [taboo] According to the results of the old yellow calendar, it is appropriate to indicate that there is a marriage today, so it is suitable to obtain a certificate or organize a marriage on this day. Red carpet area of


wedding site: when the wedding starts, the new couple will take the red carpet ceremony, or the new couple will change their clothes and enter the red carpet again. They want to plan the red carpet aisle to become the focus area to attract people's attention. 1. Place the floor style, exquisite and generous; 2. It is lively and colorful with balloon design.


wedding reception area: the reception area is the first impression of the wedding to the guests. Therefore, there should be not only the unity of style, but also the highlights of the new cut. Wedding floral utensils, especially in the welcome area, can be unique. Whether they are glass, rattan, basin, spherical or columnar, from solemn and elegant large-scale floral art to fresh and wild floral sketches, they can achieve different visual effects with different site conditions. Welcome sign is an important element. Its function is to guide guests to the banquet hall. In addition, some flower decorations on the welcome card will also have a wonderful effect of icing on the cake.

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