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Yang Gong can't do anything important on his death day

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Yang Gong's death day was not suitable for handling major events in ancient times, so people will try to avoid Yang Gong's death day when choosing a day. This day is very unusual, everything is not suitable, and many people encounter difficulties. Then, the old yellow calendar of this issue will take you to see what Yang Gong can't do on his death day.

杨公忌日不能干什么 大事勿用

on the day of Yang's death, major events should not be used, and Pepsi should not be used, that is, all earth breaking, building, construction, burial, marriage, going to office, taking exams, opening schools, opening restaurants, moving, traveling, opening markets, signing contracts, trading and meeting friends should be avoided.


are the so-called "taboos of Yang Gong", that is, the "taboos of Yang Gong", also known as "Thirteen taboos of Yang Gong". It is said that they were formulated by Yang Junsong, a master of Feng Shui in the Tang Dynasty.


it is said that Yang Gong saved many kind-hearted and virtuous poor people with his geomantic skills in his life. The villains threatened him to choose geomantic places, but he always refused. During this period, some politicians and villains annoyed him that he did not order good places for himself, so they designed to harm him. There were 13 times in his life.


but it is said that because Yang Gong saved countless people in his life, he had profound blessings, good looks and good virtue. He was safe every time and didn't kill anyone. Yang Gong's 3000 disciples set the date of the thirteen victims as Yang Gong's death day. His disciples didn't make a blessing for man-made burial in these thirteen days, but made a taboo for his teacher at home.


there are thirteen death days of Yang Gong in the whole year, two in July and one in the rest every month. Starting from the 13th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, it will be pushed forward two days every month, that is, the 13th day of the first month, the 11th day of February, the 9th day of March, the 7th day of April, the 5th day of May, the 3rd day of June, the 1st day of July, the 29th day of July, the 27th day of August, the 25th day of September, the 23rd day of October, the 21st day of November and the 19th day of December. On the day of death, no marriage, no civil engineering, no relatives and friends. It's not necessarily true that people remember all these accurately, but they still carry out the death day of the 13th of the first month more seriously, such as building houses and sending festivals to newly married daughters, which should be avoided anyway.

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