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Moving auspicious day will you move on July 9, 2018

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moves a brilliant, successful; Move a good luck, happy things are in pairs; Move a healthy job and you'll never be ill. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether July 9, 2018 is suitable for moving? Will you move on May 26, 2018?


Monday, July 9, 2018, May 26, 2018, Chonghou (bingshen) Shabei. [appropriate] Decoration, opening, marriage license, commencement, land anmen, engagement, burial, opening, cooking stove, asking for heirs, repairing graves, going to office, breaking ground, building sacrificial steles, dismantling opening market, herding, taking money, starting drilling, catching clothes, getting married, taking money, building houses, meridians, opening pools, setting up coupons, vertical columns, planting wealth seeking plaques, funeral, opening warehouses, fishing and shipping Meeting relatives and friends [avoid] moving into a house and setting up a bed, traveling in Shangliang, praying for blessings, an Xiangna livestock migrating, logging, soil appreciation, fasting, sacrificing, returning to Ning, taking a boat to separate and visit


from the results of the old yellow calendar, today's taboos are marked with moving, so this day is not suitable for moving.

home layout tips: 1. Chandeliers on the bed in life, some people often decorate the bedroom very luxurious, install beautiful chandeliers on the bedroom ceiling, and just above the bed, which will directly affect people's subconsciousness. Especially when sleep gradually comes and people's subconscious gradually loses its protection, the chandelier hanging on the bed will make the subconscious nervous. Therefore, it is best not to install any lamps above the bed, only the table lamp on the bedside table and the embedded ox eye lamp around the ceiling. If you must install a lamp above the bed, install a ceiling lamp instead of a shaky chandelier.

2. Wonderful use of horticultural plants. Horticulture has unexpected benefits in home feng shui because of its lively vitality. White flowers have the power to promote interpersonal relations and purify gas; Yellow can stimulate upward power and contribute to wealth; Blue brings peaceful and calm judgment; Red is the representative of vitality and spirit; Green is conducive to health, represents safety and peace of mind, and is helpful to the stability of heart beat; Purple can make the mind clear and increase the sense of art. In the application of flowers, if the bed is opposite to the door, a vase with flowers can be placed; Furnishing flowers in the kitchen can enhance the housewife's temperament. If you are always restless, depressed and pessimistic, it is very suitable to decorate green, white and purple flowers.

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