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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on July 11, 2018

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if love can be illusory and platonic, then marriage is realistic, then bravely give each other a happy wedding. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether July 11, 2018 is suitable for marriage? Will you get married on May 28, 2018?


Wednesday, July 11, 2018, May 28, 2018, Chonggou (Wushu) Shanan. The northeast of the God of happiness, the north of the God of blessing and the northeast of the God of wealth. [appropriate] [don't use it when it's time to break a big event] get a marriage certificate, move the ground to set up a bed, get engaged, go to school, ask for an heir, go to the post, pray and sacrifice, remove the demolition of the engagement, herd Na Caina livestock, catch a fire, open a light, marry Na Caiji, seek medical treatment, erect columns, plastic painting, planting, fasting Festival, relatives and friends [avoid] [don't use it when it's time to break a big deal] move, decorate, open a house, start a trip, bury, open a travel, repair a grave, break the ground, build an Xiang, open a market, drill, migrate, build a house, seek money, release water, open a warehouse, build a dike and ship


We can see from the results of the old yellow calendar that today's events are marked with big events, that is, what we usually call breaking the year old day, which is not suitable for handling big events, so this day is not suitable for marriage.

Development trend of wedding dress: changes of wedding dress style: the design of the original wedding dress was not very complex. The high waist skirt with vertical lines, pleated sleeves and low neckline seemed to be a replica of the popular clothing style at that time. Silk and satin were the main fabrics of wedding dress.

Later, the wedding dress was ankle long. The front skirt was cut in a straight line, and the back skirt was decorated with another floor sweeping skirt. When the bride walked on the red carpet of the church, the floor sweeping skirt also passed slowly on the carpet, making the bride look like a fairy.

Later wedding dress styles were tight and wide at the bottom. The low neckline was replaced by the dignified high neckline. The materials were mostly gorgeous brocade, and many flowers were decorated on the neckline, cuffs and skirt. By the end of the 19th century, the texture of the wedding dress was becoming softer and softer. Crepe de chine and taffeta were most favored by brides.

In the early 20th century, the wedding dress began to become shorter, and at the same time, it also has the function of dance skirt, which can make the bride unique at the wedding ball. In the 1930s, the popular wedding dress tended to be tight, making the bride more charming and moving.

In the 1940s, the simple cutting of wedding dress, heart-shaped neckline and long sleeved gloves became a fashion. By the 1960s, the length of wedding dress was much shorter, and some even followed the "mini skirt" There is no big difference. Linen and cotton are the most popular raw materials. The wedding dress in the 1970s shows a strong nostalgic mood. The style has long hem, many pleats, and lace layers. It is highly decorative. It is mainly soft flesh colored cloth.

In the 1990s, the wedding dress design broke the traditional large swing skirt design and absorbed the design characteristics of popular fashion. Most of the tops were bare; the skirts were cheongsam style and ultra short skirt style, and there was a practical combined wedding dress, which could be combined by the bride when she went to church during the day or entertained friends and guests at night.

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