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Moving auspicious day will you move on August 5, 2018

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

pomegranate tree bears four fruits. One fruit makes you happy, two fruits make your love sweet, three fruits make your family harmonious, and four fruits make you all the best. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether August 5, 2018 is suitable for moving? Will you move on June 24, 2018?


Sunday, August 5, 2018, June 24, 2018, Chongzhu (Guihai) Shadong. [appropriate] move, get married, get a license, get engaged, go to Shangliang for cooking, travel, go to school, ask for heirs, pray for sacrifices, lift the marriage of wealth and livestock, accept migration, set up vouchers, seek medical treatment, erect columns, fasting, worship and open warehouses [taboo] Decoration, opening, entering the house, moving to the ground, setting up a bed and burying, opening to office, breaking ground, building, opening the market, planting, seeking money, taking a boat, funeral and real estate


from the results of the old yellow calendar, it is appropriate to mark today that there is a move, so this day is suitable for moving.


factors affecting the grade of furniture products: high grade: the appearance material is a single tree species, and the texture is the same and symmetrical. The coating has bright color, clear wood grain and polished surface.


medium grade: the appearance material requirements are similar, and the texture and color of symmetrical parts are similar. The color of the coating is bright and the wood grain is clear. The front surface coating shall be polished, and the side surface coating shall be original light (i.e. not polished).

general grade (low grade): the texture and color of the materials used for the appearance are similar, the color of the coating is basically uniform, slight wood grain blur is allowed, and the coating surface is original light.

of course, environmental protection, design and brand are also important factors determining the grade of furniture brands. For example, the furniture with environmental protection qualification recognized by the authoritative department is of high grade, the furniture designed by famous designers or adopting fashionable design elements is of high grade, and the furniture with high brand value is of high grade. In short, I hope every consumer can know the gold in the troubled furniture market and choose the products they like. I also hope that every choice you make will be worth the money and exceed the value for money.

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