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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on August 5, 2018

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starts with a case in hand, and everyone admires it. At the golden wedding, I wish you happiness, wealth and longevity. I wish you more love, happiness, wealth and longevity. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether August 5, 2018 is suitable for marriage? Will you get married on June 24, 2018?


Sunday, August 5, 2018, June 24, 2018, Chongzhu (Guihai) Shadong. The God of happiness is northeast, the God of blessing is north, and the God of wealth is north. [appropriate] move, get married, get a license, get engaged, go to Shangliang for cooking, travel, go to school, ask for heirs, pray for sacrifices, lift the marriage of wealth and livestock, accept migration, set up vouchers, seek medical treatment, erect columns, fasting, worship and open warehouses [taboo] Decoration, opening, entering the house, moving the ground, setting up a bed, burying, opening, going to office, breaking the ground, building, opening the market, planting, seeking money, taking a boat, going to funeral and buying property


we can see from the results of the old yellow calendar that marriage is marked in today's appropriate Chinese calendar, so this day is suitable for marriage. Precautions for


marriage registration: 1. Prepare three two inch group photos in advance, with men left and women right, red background and marriage certificate. 2. Prepare a one inch girl's solo photo with red background in advance for registration of school-age women. 3. Prepare money and try not to spend unnecessary money. It needs about 100 yuan. 4. Optional items, such as a group photo of two people standing next to the national flag under the national emblem, can be omitted, which can save 35-75 yuan. 5. Remember: bring two people's ID cards, household register, black pen, etc. 6. If you don't have a Premarital Check-up, you'd better have a free blood test there. 7. The total time is about 1 hour. Of course, it depends on the actual number of people on that day.

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