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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on August 7, 2018

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cup and water, water and cup, there is a water cup to show value, there is a water cup to live in, today's flowers bless you. So this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether August 7, 2018 is suitable for marriage? Will you get married on June 26, 2018?


Tuesday, August 7, 2018, on June (small) 26th of the lunar calendar, chongniu (second clown) Shaxi. The God of happiness is in the southwest, the God of blessing is in the northwest, and the God of wealth is in the East. [should] [don't use the daily red gauze event] Shangliang asks his heir to repair the grave and go to his post. Remove the fire and set up coupons to receive money and livestock. Plant fasting rituals at the Jisai cave as a beam to fill the wall and thicken the livestock [don't] [don't use the daily red gauze event] Move, decorate, get married, enter the house, get a license, move to the ground, set up a bed, travel, get engaged, bury, travel, break the ground, build a blessing and sacrifice, start drilling, open a light, marry nacai migrant, build a house, dig a shaft, drain water, go to funeral, move a coffin, acupuncture, buy property and build a embankment


from the results of the old yellow calendar, Today's events are marked with big events, that is, what we usually call breaking the year old day. It is not suitable for big events, so this day is not suitable for marriage.

suit style recommendation: suit recommendation 1: one button in a single row. This kind of suit has only one button, which can be buckled or not. If you buckle it, it will look more serious and dignified, and if you don't buckle it, it will look very natural and unrestrained. Wearing this style of suit, the buttons are usually buttoned when standing and untied when sitting down. First, it is to prevent the groom's suit from deforming when sitting down, and people will be more comfortable and natural. Second, it is afraid that some grooms are plump and easy to break the buttons when sitting down. Recommendation 2 of


suits: a single row of two button suits, two button suits, the button on the suit represents solemnity, and the release represents freedom. For the tall groom, sometimes it is necessary to button the bottom button, so as to avoid exposing too many trouser waists and belts. If the neckline of some versions of suits is relatively low, button the bottom button to make the overall feeling more balanced. Recommendation 3 for


suits: pay attention to a single row of three button suits when wearing a three button suit. The groom can't look down whether it's unbuttoning or buttoning. He should use a very smooth and natural gesture to retract and release the buttons. At the same time, remember that the method of buttoning is from bottom to top. Recommendation 4 of


suits: when wearing a double breasted suit, you must buckle all the buttons. The design style of the double breasted suit is slightly stable, so you'd better buckle all the buttons when wearing it, so it looks conservative. But now it is more popular to loosen the button in the lower right corner, which can create a sense of retro fashion.

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