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How about people born in ghost month

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July of the lunar calendar is called ghost month. On the first day of July, the king of hell opens the door of hell and lets ghosts wander out. Ghosts are recalled only at the end of July. Therefore, July is also considered an unlucky month. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to see the lives of people born in ghost month, okay?


how about the human life born in ghost month? There are two opposite views in the market. One is that the first day of the male's first day of the Lunar New Year is good, and the (Fourteenth) fifteenth birthday of the female is good; Second, a man shall not be born on the first day of the first day of the first year, and a woman shall not be born on the fifteenth (Fourteenth) day, otherwise it will be troublesome. It is also said that people born in ghost month have a hard life. People think that hard life is bad for the people around them, so many children will find godmothers because of hard life.


people are "destined" on which day they are born, so no matter what day they are born. Even a friend who is considered to have been born on a good day and hour may have a less ideal fate or even a lot of bad luck in his life. What's the key? The key is whether you can regulate yourself and turn corruption into magic.

from the perspective of numerology, there are several cases of hard life: one is that one's own life is hard, but he can't. Most of them belong to amulets. In other words, the people around him will avoid some possible bad things, such as car accidents, because of his hard life.


are the of the Croats. His life is hard, but it will affect the people around him, usually his parents, etc.

the worst life in July is the kind that is very hard and unlucky due to too heavy Yin Qi. But then again, the heavy Yin life class may also increase the pass probability. There are also several kinds. One kind may have the so-called accurate premonition (there are also those with heavy Yang life in July, and there are also those with hard life above, usually influenced by fate). The other kind is meeting, but they may encounter some bad luck. In fact, it depends on personal luck. It's all right if you meet peace.

Yin Qi is too heavy. The probability of being attached or being assisted increases. Good or bad sometimes depends on the specific situation. Nothing is absolute. After all, the time of birth is different, and so are the opportunities after birth.

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