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Does the woman born in July of the lunar calendar have a good life

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the fate of a person's birth, his born character, and the good and bad in all aspects are affected by many factors. The month of birth often affects a person's life. So, in this issue of the old yellow calendar, let's take a look at the lives of women born in July of the lunar calendar, okay?


how is the life of a woman born in July of the lunar calendar? Born this month, she was conceived in October the year before last and was born after the beginning of Autumn Festival. He is kind-hearted, careful, kind-hearted, hard on the outside and soft on the inside, strong in will, and always does things. Young people work hard and lose money at the beginning. Worry about children and women, be careful of Yin people. Kaitai after middle age, the family garden is full in old age, and the financial resources are prosperous. There is a poem as evidence. The poem says: you don't have to worry about your life. There is a reason for your little self-determination. Only when Yuanyi is in charge of the house can we know that fortune does not treat people. How about your fleeting time? Click here to know your life's blessings, misfortunes, honors and disgraces. Only those who know the order can go smoothly on the road of life.


the personality characteristics of people born in July of the lunar calendar: 1. They are kind-hearted, careful, hard on the outside and soft on the inside, kind and firm in will.

2. Do things from beginning to end, think carefully and have many ideas.

3. Impatient, loyal and soft hearted.

4. Active, restless and suspicious, so it is easy to miss major events.

5. Be frank and open-minded. You can't hide your words. Speak sharp and quick. You can solve it in two or three sentences. It's easy to hurt people, but you don't know it. You like to focus on the key points.

6. Like to travel, like to travel, and have a wide range of knowledge.

7. I'm energetic and can't sit still. I'm not idle for a while. Good at imitation, strong learning ability, but only three minutes of heat.

8. Impatient. Monkey is quick, cunning and fickle. He likes taking shortcuts. Keen observation, delicate mind, resourcefulness and strong ability, but lack of stability.


9. Like to show off, a little coquettish and have good heterosexual relationship. I hope I am the focus of attention in the group. Girls are quite feminine.

health: Shen Weiyang gold, please note that there may be diseases of bladder and left and right arms (upper limbs of the body, parts close to the shoulder).

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