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How about the lives of people born on ghost day

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every year on the first day of July of the lunar calendar, ghosts are released to wander. They are recalled by the king of hell until July 30, and July 15 of the lunar calendar is called ghost festival, which is often called Zhongyuan Festival. Well, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to see the lives of people born on ghost day.


how about the lives of people born on ghost day? Born on the 15th day: the person born on this day is respected by the husband and wife. The offspring are punished, forced to fight, aggressive, and destroy their future. Yu Qing will come after the 30th five year plan. The male will leave the rent, develop in a foreign land, and the female husband will deserve a hard life and a life of peace.

July 15 is ghost day. On this day, all ghosts have a holiday and can relax in the sun. The ghost door opens at midnight on the 14th and closes at midnight on the 15th. All ghosts must return to the underworld before the ghost door is closed, otherwise they will stay in the sun and become lonely ghosts! At the same time, the whole lunar July is also the most cloudy month of the year. There are more wandering souls. You can't cry or whistle at night, otherwise it's easy to attract hundreds of ghosts!

children born on ghost day are called ghost children. In other words, children born on ghost day become wandering imps. It is said that people with heavy Yin Qi are prone to Qi deficiency, cold stomach and cold limbs, and are easy to attract evil spirits.

it is said that friends born on the Zhongyuan festival will see some unclean things. Some say that the fate of people born on the Zhongyuan festival will be bumpy. Others say that most people born around the ghost festival are destined to be Tibetans.

but there are also places where people born on ghost day are called Tiantai. It is recorded in ancient books: "the five stars are the spiritual root of the sun and the moon, the five treasures of the Tiantai, the comprehensive Qi of heaven and earth, and the sun and the moon are bright. The Oriental year star Zhenhuang Jun is named Chenglan, with the word Qingning. The southern yinghun Zhenhuang Jun is named haokong, taboo Weichun, (word) Sanrong. (Western) Taibai Zhenhuang Jun, surnamed haokong and named Debiao. (North) Chenxing Zhenhuang Jun, named Qichuan and named Jiyuan. (central) Zhenxing Zhenhuang Jun, named cangmu and named Ruiyan. "This name is also found in Taishang five-star seven yuan empty formula and Taishang flying five-star classic.

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