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How about the life of people born in July of the lunar calendar

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twelve hours of a day can be arranged by twelve Branches. Different time points have different destiny. Similarly, different months will also affect a person's destiny. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to see the lives of people born in July of the lunar calendar.


fate of people born in July of the lunar calendar: people born in this month, conceived in October of the previous year, and born after the beginning of Autumn Festival. He is kind-hearted, careful, kind-hearted, hard on the outside and soft on the inside, strong in will, and always does things. Young people work hard and lose money at the beginning. Worry about children and women, be careful of Yin people. Kaitai after middle age, the family garden is full in old age, and the financial resources are prosperous. There is a poem as evidence. The poem says: you don't have to worry about your life. There is a reason for your little self-determination. Only when Yuanyi is in charge of the house can we know that fortune does not treat people.


the personality characteristics of people born in July of the lunar calendar: strong personality, self-confidence, pride, broad-minded, born with the king's hair and temperament, they are born leaders. Like to be in the limelight, the respect, affirmation and applause given by others are the main driving force in your life. He is a person who is easily impulsive and restless. He has an active personality and can't relax. He has a very flexible mind. He learns things quickly and has strong imitation ability. He likes to fight against injustice and is too loyal, so he is also easy to lose his temper.


handed down the rhyme: the fate of people born in July of the lunar calendar, the four numbers, the beneficial hexagram, the palace of destiny, and the lotus fragrance sent by the golden wind. On the first day of July, the spirit fetus landed and the mother was in peace. When the body and life were determined, the golden wind did not move the cicada prophet. On the second day of the seventh month, there was good luck and good luck in front of the church. In the early days of Meng Qiu, cicadas are rare, and hibiscus flowers bloom and fall. On the third day of July, my parents raised their eyebrows in front of the hall. In mengqiu, the weather is getting overcast, and birds are singing in the depths of the willows. On the fourth day of July, I add a smile in front of my parents' hall. In mengqiu, the wind is getting higher and higher, and the golden wind blows the flowers. Birthday on the fifth day of July, the sweet scented osmanthus is charming in front of the court. The new autumn moon is bright with the Golden Phoenix, and the cicadas cry with the sound of cold insects. Birthday on the sixth day of July, a life of happiness and longevity. The magpie bridge will make the sky level, and the Cowherd and the weaver girl will meet. On the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh month of the seventh month of the seventh month of the seventh birthday, the first day of the first month is the same as the whole life. Decide where your birthday is. Summer goes, cold comes and autumn comes. On the eighth day of July, the spirit fetus fell and the parents were happy. Jinfeng sent the heat to the distance and looked at the bright smile day. On the ninth day of the seventh month, purple swallows compete with fairies in groups. The Golden Phoenix sends the summer moon, and the jade hairpin opens in mengqiu. On the tenth day of the seventh month of his birth, he left his mother and fetus with a full body. The Golden Phoenix blows the fragrance of the jade hairpin, and the cicada can't help sending the autumn cool. On the eleventh day of July, although the flowers are residual, the chrysanthemums are yellow. The festival is near the Mid Autumn Festival, and the moon is bright. Birthday on July 12, the autumn wind blew cicadas. In autumn, the figure of eight falls, and in July it is thirteen. My parents are very happy in the classroom and have a safe life in your room. When the summer goes and the autumn comes, the cockscomb flowers bloom and the Hosta are fresh. On the 14th of July, mother and son were reunited and both were safe. At that time, the autumn scenery was in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty, and didi Ziyan painted between the beams. Birthday July 15, people in high-rise buildings, the moon is full. Weaver girl is destined to cross the river at night, and the bright moon meets the golden shuttle. Birthday July 16, drinking a thousand cups is not too much. The building is like a rainbow with stars all over the sky. Niu NV's crossing is the front edge. Born on July 17, melon rung has been celebrating ever since. Clear green water, steep mountains, and stars shining all over the world. On July 18, your birthday, your feathers are not dry. The Golden Phoenix floats and the wild geese fly to the south, thinking of their hometown. On July 19, my birthday, there was a lonely picture hanging outside the door. Hosta flowers bloom in the autumn, and Zhongyuan will be disabled after his birthday. On the 20th of July, the spirit fetus landed safely. The golden wind flutters in response to the clothes, and the light is thin after the fifteenth day of the month. Begonia is open, fragrant and beautiful. Its birthday is July 21. I would like to ask the year of Geng, July 22. The palace of life should be right at all times. It is natural for the mother to have a child. He was born on July 23. The autumn scenery is clear, the moon is deep, and the parents' hall is smiling and singing. When it comes to good scenery, Wutong is clever. Born on July 24, the jade dew fairy flower galaxy is good. Grain harvest, gold wind shaking, red celebration looked at several tears. On the 25th of July, the rain sprinkled on the mother of osmanthus and saw the seedlings. The life palace has eight characters and five lines, and the skirt is full. The security guard is right. Birthday July 26, happy at the door, with good luck. There are many kinds of orchid and cinnamon fragrance, and each flower is fruity in autumn. On the 27th of July, the spirit fetus landed on the earth. Meng Qiujing loves the blue sky, and the cold cicadas can't help echoing. On the 28th day of July, the spirit of the fetus came to the world. When the geese come, the autumn scenery is depressed, and the moon looks higher and higher in the Mid Autumn Festival. Birthday July 29, birth parents happy far away. Cockscomb flowers are fragrant with jade and hibiscus flowers are auspicious. The parents in the hall were very happy and gave birth to the painting hall on July 30.

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