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Moving auspicious day will you move on September 2, 2018

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move to a new house, life is good, move at the right time, good luck, Qi linmen, flowers pray for auspiciousness, firecrackers attract auspiciousness, and stars shine in the hall. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether September 2, 2018 is suitable for moving? Will you move on July 23, 2018?


Sunday, September 2, 2018, on the 23rd day of the seventh day of the lunar calendar, chongtu (Xinmao) Shadong. [appropriate] move, decorate, get married, get a license, start a trip, make a stove in Shangliang, travel, repair graves, build sacrifices, cancel the alliance, herd, open light, marry, migrate, plant and seek wealth [avoid] Opening and entering the house, starting to set up a bed, getting engaged and burying, opening the office, breaking the ground and praying for blessings, opening the city, receiving wealth, receiving livestock, opening the pool, collecting vouchers, seeking medical treatment, fasting, sacrificing, releasing water, separating for burial, moving the coffin and buying property


from the results of the old yellow calendar, it is appropriate to move today, So this day is suitable for moving.

there are 12 auspicious days for moving in September 2018: September 1, 2018, July 22 of the lunar calendar, Saturday, chonghu (Gengyin) Shanan, September 2, 2018, July 23 of the lunar calendar, Sunday, chongtu (Xinmao) Shadong, September 5, 2018, July 26 of the lunar calendar, Wednesday, chongma (Jiawu) Shanan September 14, 2018, lunar August (small) fifth day, Friday, chongtu (guimao) Shadong September 15, 2018, lunar August (small) sixth day, Saturday, Chonglong (Jiachen) Shabei September 17, 2018, lunar August (small) eighth day, Monday, chongma (Bingwu) Shanan September 21, 2018, lunar August (small) twelfth, Friday, Chonggou (Gengshu) Shanan, September 22, 2018, August 13 of the lunar calendar, Saturday, Chongzhu (Xinhai) Shadong, September 23, 2018, August 14 of the lunar calendar, Sunday, Chongshu (Renzi) Shabei, September 24, 2018, August 15 of the lunar calendar, Monday, chongniu (Guichou) Shaxi, September 29, 2018, August (small) of the lunar calendar 20、 On Saturday, chongma (Wuwu) Shanan, September 30, 2018, August 21 of the lunar calendar. On Sunday, Chongyang (Jiwei) Shadong's


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