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Moving auspicious day will you move on September 7, 2018

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

balcony sprinkles sunlight, the living room is full of happy flowers, the purple atmosphere comes from the East, the garden is full of happiness, the wind of scholarly fragrance is all over the hall, and the financial resources are rolling in all directions. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether September 7, 2018 is suitable for moving? Will you move on July 28, 2018?


on Friday, September 7, 2018, July 28, 2018, Chonghou (bingshen) Shabei. [appropriate] [don't use it for breaking important events during the day and month] start to get a marriage license, start to work as a stove, ask for heirs to repair graves, go to office for sacrifices, remove the opening bath, accept money, break the house, open the drill, get rid of the clothes, marry the broken wall, set up vouchers, seek medical treatment, plant fasting rituals, seek money, attract cumbersome words by boat, accept the son-in-law's medicine and file a lawsuit [avoid] [don't use it for breaking big events during the day and month] move, decorate, move into the house, move to the ground, settle the door and bed, travel, get engaged, bury the upper beam, travel, break the ground, build, pray for an Xiang Na livestock Na Cai, migrate, build the house, discharge water from the crown and hairpin vertical column, live in separate accounts and buy


According to the results of the old yellow calendar, today's events are marked with no big events, that is, what we usually call breaking the new year's day, which is not suitable for handling big events, so this day is not suitable for moving.

Zi Shi 23:00-00:59, gengzi Shi, Chong (Jiawu) MA, Sha Nan, Qinglong zodiac, Ji Chou Shi 01:00-02:59, Xin Chou Shi, Chong (b Wei) Yang, Sha Dong, Ming Tang zodiac, Ji Yin Shi 03:00-04:59, Ren Yin Shi, Chong (bingshen) monkey, Sha Bei, Tianxing underworld, fierce Mao Shi 05:00-06:59, GUI Mao Shi, Chong (Ding you) chicken, Sha Xi, Zhuque underworld, fierce Chen Shi 07:00-08:59, Jia Chen Shi, Chong (1898) dog, Sha Nan, Golden Chamber ecliptic, Ji Si Shi 09:00-10:59, Yi Si Shi, Chong (Jihai) Pig, Shadong, Tiande zodiac, auspicious noon 11:00-12:59, Bingwu, Chong (gengzi) rat, Sha Bei, white tiger underworld, ferocity 13:00-14:59, Ding Wei, Chong (Xin Chou) Niu, Sha Xi, Yutang zodiac, auspicious noon 15:00-16:59, Wu Shen, Chong (renyin) tiger, Sha Nan, prison underworld, ferocity (day break time) From 17:00 to 18:59 in Youshi, from youyou to Jiyou, they attacked (guimao) rabbit, Shadong, Xuanwu underworld, from 19:00 to 20:59 in xiongxu, from Jiachen to dragon, Shabei, and took charge of the zodiac, from 21:00 to 22:59 in Jihai, and from Xinhai, they attacked (Yisi) snake, Shaxi, colluded with the underworld, and became fierce

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