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Good day for moving. Will you move on October 4, 2018

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

new house, new home, new atmosphere, happy smile, housewarming is a pleasant thing. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether October 4, 2018 is suitable for moving? Is August 25, 2018 the auspicious day for moving in 2018?


Thursday, October 4, 2018, August 25, 2018, Chongzhu (Guihai) Shadong. [appropriate] start decoration and opening, start travel, get engaged, start travel, enter the school, go to the post, repair and sacrifice, dismantle the opening, accept wealth, cut clothes, open light, accept the roof, crown, hairpin, meridians and collaterals, set up the foundation, seek medical treatment, adopt the vertical column, adopt plastic painting, plant for wealth, recruit superfluous, open the warehouse, accept the family and friends of the son-in-law real estate meeting, enter the population [avoid] Moving to get married, entering the house, obtaining a certificate, placing in bed and burying Shangliang praying for blessing, accepting livestock, marrying migrants, logging, fasting, sacrificial rites, litigation, separation and lawsuit


from the results of the old yellow calendar, today's taboos are marked with moving, so this day is not suitable for moving.

Zi Shi 23:00-00:59, Jia Zi Shi, Chong (Wuwu) MA, Sha Nan, white tiger Mafia, fierce ugly Shi 01:00-02:59, Yi Chou Shi, Chong (Jiwei) Yang, Sha Dong, Yutang zodiac, Ji Yin Shi 03:00-04:59, Bing Yin Shi, Chong (Gengshen) monkey, Sha Bei, Tianlao Mafia, fierce Mao Shi 05:00-06:59, Ding Mao Shi, Chong (Xinyou) chicken, Sha Xi, Xuanwu underworld, fierce day, 07:00-08:59, Wu Chen, Chong (renxu) dog, Sha Nan, commander of the zodiac, Ji Si, 09:00-10:59, Ji Si, Chong (Guihai) pig, Sha Dong, gouchen underworld, fierce noon, 11:00-12:59, Geng noon, Chong (Jiazi) rat, Sha Bei, Qinglong Huangdao, Ji Wei, 13:00-14:59, Xin Wei, Chong (Yichou) cow, Sha Xi, Ming hall zodiac, auspicious Shen time 15:00-16:59, Renshen time, Chong (Bingyin) tiger, Sha south, Tianxing underworld, fierce you time 17:00-18:59, Guiyou time, Chong (Dingmao) rabbit, Sha East, rosefinch underworld, fierce Xu time 19:00-20:59, Jiaxu time, Chong (Wuchen) dragon, Sha north, Golden Chamber Huangdao, auspicious time 21:00-22:59, Yihai time, Chong (Jisi) snake, Sha West, Tiande zodiac, fierce (when the sun breaks)

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