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Good day for moving. Will you move on October 12, 2018

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

new house adds a happy atmosphere to a family, and a happy life is about to begin. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether October 12, 2018 is suitable for moving? Is the fourth day of September 2018 the auspicious day for moving in 2018?


Friday, October 12, 2018, the fourth day of September (the fourth day) in the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Xinwei) Shadong. [appropriate] [do not use for daily red gauze events] start the decoration, ask the heir to go to the post for construction, remove the sacrificial rites for money, and apply the road of peace and cure [avoid] [do not use for daily red gauze events] Move to get married, enter the house, get a certificate, put in a bed, get engaged, bury, break the ground, pray and sacrifice an Xiang Na livestock, get married, get married, get married, move the migration meridians, erect columns, plant, build a bed, discharge water for burial, move the coffin, open warehouses, open canals, buy property and build embankments


from the results of the old yellow calendar, today's events are marked as important events, do not use them, That's what we usually call breaking the new year's day. It's not suitable for doing big things, so it's not suitable for moving.

Zi Shi 23:00-00:59, gengzi Shi, Chong (Jiawu) MA, Sha Nan, Tianxing Mafia, fierce ugly Shi 01:00-02:59, Xin Chou Shi, Chong (Yiwei) Yang, Sha Dong, Zhuque Mafia, fierce Yin Shi 03:00-04:59, renyin Shi, Chong (bingshen) monkey, Sha Bei, Jinkui zodiac, Jimao Shi 05:00-06:59, guimao Shi, Chong (Dingyou) chicken, Sha Xi, Tiande zodiac, auspicious time 07:00-08:59, Jiachen, Chong (1898) dog, Shanan, white tiger underworld, fierce time 09:00-10:59, Yisi, Chong (Jihai) pig, Shadong, Yutang zodiac, auspicious time 11:00-12:59, Bingwu, Chong (gengzi) rat, Shabei, Tianjiao underworld, fierce time 13:00-14:59, Ding Weishi, Chong (xinchou) cow, Shaxi, Xuanwu underworld, fierce (when the sun breaks), Shenshi 15:00-16:59, Wushen, Chong (renyin) tiger, Shanan, Si Ming zodiac, Jiyou 17:00-18:59, Jiyou, Chong (guimao) rabbit, Shadong, gouchen underworld, fierce Xu 19:00-20:59, gengxu, Chong (Jiachen) dragon, Shabei, Qinglong zodiac, Jihai 21:00-22:59, Xinhai, Chong (Yisi) Snake, Shaxi, Mingtang zodiac, auspicious

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