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Good day for moving. Will you move on October 19, 2018

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

moved to a new house, moved to the source of happiness, full of laughter, healthy and happy. So, this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to understand whether October 19, 2018 is suitable for moving? Is September 11, 2018 the auspicious day for moving in 2018?


Friday, October 19, 2018, September 11, 2018, chonghu (Wuyin) Shanan. [appropriate] settle down, travel, get engaged, travel, go to school, ask for an heir, repair a grave, go to office, pray for blessings and sacrifice, agree to accept money, get out of the fire, accept the building of a house, set up a voucher, seek medical treatment, plant and open a warehouse [avoid] Moving, decoration, opening, getting married, getting a residence permit, starting to move and bury in anmen, breaking the ground to build Anxiang, opening the market, marrying migrants, seeking wealth, and shipping


from the results of the old yellow calendar, today's taboos are marked to move, so this day is not suitable for moving.

Zi Shi 23:00-00:59, Jia Zi Shi, Chong (Wu Wu) MA, Sha Nan, Qinglong zodiac, Ji Chou Shi 01:00-02:59, Yi Chou Shi, Chong (Ji Wei) Yang, Sha Dong, Mingtang zodiac, Ji Yin Shi 03:00-04:59, Bing Yin Shi, Chong (Gengshen) monkey, Sha Bei, heaven punishment underworld, fierce (sun breaking) Mao Shi 05:00-06:59, Ding Mao Shi, Chong (Xin you) chicken, Shaxi, rosefinch underworld, fierce day 07:00-08:59, Wuchen, Chong (renxu) dog, Shanan, Golden Chamber zodiac, Jisi 09:00-10:59, Jisi, Chong (Guihai) pig, Sha East, Tiande zodiac, Jiwu 11:00-12:59, Geng Wu, Chong (Jiazi) rat, Sha north, white tiger underworld, fierce future 13:00-14:59, Xinwei, Chong (Yichou) cow, Shaxi, Yutang zodiac, Jishen time 15:00-16:59, Renshen time, Chong (Bingyin) tiger, Shanan, dungeon underworld, fierce Youshi 17:00-18:59, Guiyou time, Chong (Dingmao) rabbit, Sha East, Xuanwu underworld, fierce Xushi 19:00-20:59, Jiaxu time, Chong (Wuchen) dragon, Sha north, command the zodiac, Jihai time 21:00-22:59, Yishi time, Chong (Jihai) snake, Shaxi, collude with the underworld, fierce

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