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Will you send dogs to others in the first month? What's not suitable for

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in people's life, which zodiac sign or human's most loyal friend is a dog? Generally speaking, people keep a dog and give it to others only when they have to. Sometimes it may be because you want to give it to others as a gift. Is it suitable to send the dog out in the middle of the month, the month of family celebration?


is it good to give dogs in the first month, commonly known as "dogs come to wealth". Giving dogs to people in the first month means giving money to others. There is also "keeping dogs to guard against thieves". Of course, you can't give them to people casually. Dogs also have feelings with their owners. When dogs have special deep feelings for their owners and are very loyal to their owners, the reason why the owners choose to give them to other people for breeding can be said to have a great impact on dogs. After all, their hearts are also very fragile, If they make this choice, they will be hit very hard. Sometimes there may be biting. After all, when a dog bites other people, it will certainly cause physical harm to others, but it can be said that it is only an outlet of their emotions. There is a sense of giving dogs to others. Giving dogs to others is equivalent to giving away family wealth, which will lead to the decline of the family. Generally, don't give dogs to others. Sometimes strange environments will make dogs easy to be irritable and bite others. The first month is not suitable for giving anything. Some friends like to give others "peach blossom sword" so that others can cut off the rotten peach blossoms. As a result, they rob a lot of their own peach blossoms; Some friends, seeing family and friends moving or getting married, bought a set of kitchen knives and forks for others. Strangely, since then, their fortunes have plummeted. Remember: send swords carefully. In addition, you should be careful when others give you swords. When a friend opens a shop or opens a business, his relatives and friends will send him the "God of wealth". In fact, from a neo Confucianism point of view, you should be careful to send the God of wealth, otherwise, your wealth will probably stagnate; Of course, the recipient should also pay attention to that usually the god Buddha wants to invite himself to the temple, but he can't invite him or accept the wealth "God" given by others. Otherwise, both the sender and the receiver will lead to financial problems.


it is forbidden to give gifts in the first month. Fish tanks like the "God of wealth" can not be given or accepted at will. What's more, some people taboo fish farming. Therefore, fish tanks can't be sent at will. First of all, the aquarium should be suitable for yourself, and then it is related to the shape, position, height, number, type, quantity and color of the aquarium. You can't send the clock, because the clock is the homophony of the end. Sending the clock to people is tantamount to looking forward to people's death. And watches also belong to Zhongke. You see, how many corrupt officials were sacked and even lost their lives because they wore briber's famous brand watches.

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