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Is there any taboo in giving gifts in the first month? What should we pay attention to

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giving gifts to others is a very common thing in the life of every zodiac sign, because sometimes it means blessing and sometimes it means missing, but there are many things to pay attention to when giving gifts. We need to avoid some taboos and limits of the givee, so what gift do they choose to give in the first month?


what gifts should be given in the first month? Gifts are light and friendship is heavy. Specific circumstances and occasions should be considered when giving gifts. one   Generally, when going to a private family banquet, it should be the hostess   Bring some small gifts, such as bouquets, fruits, local specialties, etc. Children can send toys and candy. Invited to the wedding, except art   In addition to decorations, bouquets and practical items can also be presented. In the new year and Christmas, calendars, wine, tea, candy and cigarettes can generally be sent   Wait. The first month is not suitable for doing anything. You can't sweep the floor on the first day of the first month. In people's opinion, everything at home on this day is important, representing a part of the family. It's bad to go out of the house. If you move the broom and clean up the house, you will sweep away your luck and wealth. You can't wash your hair on this day, which means washing away wealth and fortune. From the first to the fifth day of the first month (commonly known as "broken five"), you can't use scissors, needles and knives. When I was a child, I heard my parents say that I used up the places where scissors, needles and knives should be used up early, and then hid them to prevent children from touching them. For example, after sewing clothes and cutting clothes labels with scissors, they won't be used anymore. Some people say they will quarrel about right and wrong, while others say that if they use it, they will work for a year. Breaking the Wuli taboo to break utensils (such as plates, bowls, wine utensils and other fragile items) believes that breaking furniture is unlucky all year round. However, in today's society, when children accidentally break furniture, it doesn't matter. As long as adults quickly say, "it's good to be old (broken), it's good to be old, and it's safe to be old", it will turn evil into good.


what should we pay attention to when giving gifts in the first month? Grasp the timing and way of giving gifts. Gifts should generally be given face to face. But sometimes you can send it to the wedding in advance. For festival celebrations and annual gifts, you can send someone to the door or mail them. At this time, the business card of the giver should be attached with the gift, or you can hand it   Write a congratulatory message and put it in an envelope of the same size. The name of the recipient is marked on the envelope and pasted on the top of the gift wrapper. usually   In this case, it is not appropriate to give gifts to only one person in a group in public. Because the recipient will feel and fooled, and   And it will make people who are not polite feel neglected and despised. Gifts to people close to you should not be given in public,   To avoid leaving the public with the feeling that your close relationship is completely supported by material things. Only the special ceremony of light ceremony and heavy friendship   Things, gifts to express special feelings, are suitable for giving in front of a public. Because the public has become your sincere friendship   Witness to the. Such as a special souvenir, etc.

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