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How about giving clothes and shoes in the first month

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

can have a set of clean and beautiful clothes, which is actually what every zodiac sign wants, but what should they pay attention to when giving others clothes or shoes? This must be understood for them, otherwise the consequences may not be worth the loss. So when is the best time to send clothes and shoes?


it is not suitable to send shoes in the first month. According to China's folk customs, it is not suitable to send shoes in the new year. Because shoes are the same as "evil", sending shoes is equivalent to sending "bad luck" to each other, which will have a bad impact on others' luck. For people who pay more attention to this custom, it will make others misunderstand you. But in some places, sending shoes represents seeing off, or it means sending people away. It's unlucky. Why can't you send shoes to anyone in the first month, who will run away with people. Therefore, the wife will not buy shoes for her husband. At most, she will accompany her husband to buy them. I should be afraid that my husband will run away with others. At first, shoes could not be given between lovers. There is a legend. Couples can't give shoes to each other. If they give shoes to each other, the other party may run away with others. Therefore, when couples in Taiwan give shoes to each other, they will ask each other for a dollar. It's just a rumor, but many couples prefer to believe it. Now when I say that I can't give shoes for gifts, I'm afraid I mean to wear small shoes for him. Why can't you send shoes? Statement 4: shoes are homonymous with evil. Sending shoes is unlucky to send evil. However, some people think that giving shoes is a wish for people to travel thousands of miles every day. Different regions have different ways of saying why they can't give shoes. Statement 5: in some places, shoes are also called Hai. Hai is homonymous with harm, so giving shoes is equal to giving harm to others, so they don't give shoes.


it's not suitable to send clothes to others in the first month. Whether it's new or old. The old clothes have the luck of the owner. No matter whether the luck is good or bad, it will be passed on to the next owner. Some people get sick after giving clothes. After donating clothes, the whole family gets sick. There are also some families who are obviously rich. They don't look like people who are too poor to afford clothes. They always ask other lucky people to wear old clothes. This is transforming clothes. Some people have a bad heart and give the clothes worn by the patient to others. As a result, people will change.

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