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What do you give for gifts in the first month? What about rice

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for every zodiac sign, in the happy month of the Spring Festival, people will also go out to visit relatives and friends. At this time, they also need to bring some gifts to the homes of relatives and friends. So what gift is the most suitable? For them, they need to make a choice in advance, otherwise they will regret it.


whether it is good to send rice in the first month has a deep meaning. Rice is a kind of magic   It is a very precious crop. In ancient times, it was honored as the "Valley God". Lao Tzu said, "the valley God is not good   Death is called the mysterious female. Rice symbolizes food. In addition, it also represents abundance   Yu, the moral is: money is rolling! And in ancient China, because of productivity   "Mi" means "money" in many parts of China   "Rice" is equivalent to "money". The moral of "sending rice" is to bless each other's business   Prosperity, wealth and wealth. What gifts are suitable for the first month? The elders are generally older, and they have different experiences and ideas from us. When we choose goods, we'd better consider the practicability of the gifts and the health of the elders. Practical gifts can buy clothes for the elders. Usually during the Spring Festival, the weather is very cold, so we can buy clothes for them Elders buy warm underwear or coats. In terms of health, we can buy health foods such as protein powder and Cordyceps sinensis for them. It is best to buy them according to the physical condition of elders.


What gift is suitable for parents in the first month? It's better to give gifts to parents. Parents will like it, whether it's good or bad. We can decide according to their parents' preferences. For example, your father likes drinking, you can buy two bottles of health wine and take it home. Your mother likes jewelry, and you can buy a beautiful jewelry for her. If you're afraid that your parents are too tired, we can buy it for them Massage chairs, foot baths and other gifts, so that they can have a good rest after busy. Finally, I want to say that we spend more time with them, which is actually the best gift for our parents.

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