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If you don't borrow money in the first month, do you taboo borrowing in or out

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in every zodiac is called their life growth process. Making money is a process that will never have a head. But they have their own social relationships and relatives and friends. How can they better borrow money, or how can they borrow money, and have a better result in some time?


why is it not suitable to borrow money in the first month? The popular saying holds that people should not borrow money to repay their debts from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month to the 15th day of the first lunar month, otherwise the next year will be unfavorable. A further view is that you can't borrow money in the whole first month. If you lend money to others in the first month, it means that your own financial resources are flowing out, and borrowing money from others means that you need to rely on others for a year. Under what circumstances, the first month is not suitable for borrowing money. It depends on the relationship between the borrower and himself. If it is a person who has no direct relationship, it's best not to lend it to him. For example, friends of friends, friends' classmates, etc., you have no foundation of trust, and it is easy to lose contact. If the borrower is not so far away from himself and borrows a large amount, it's better not to borrow. Of course, if your relationship is reliable and you don't need money, it's another matter. Many people will plan investment or consumption plans for the new year, buy insurance, go out for a trip or something, and buy a house or something with greater goals. If someone borrows money from you at this time, you have to think about it. Will the loan affect their normal investment and consumption, or whether they can get the money back within the agreed time. If none of this is guaranteed, you'd better not borrow it.


do not do anything in the first month. Before the first and fifth days of the first month (commonly known as "breaking the fifth day"), scissors, needles and knives cannot be moved. Years ago, people finished the work of using scissors, needles and knives early, and then hid them to prevent children from touching them. For example, years ago, after sewing clothes and scissors cut clothes labels, they were no longer used. People believe that the use of scissors, needles and thread, knives, etc. before the fifth day of the first month implies that there will be quarrels between right and wrong. It is also said that if it is used, it will work for a year and work hard for a whole year. Folk believe that breaking furniture during this period means bad luck all year round. However, in today's society, it doesn't matter if children accidentally break furniture. As long as adults quickly say, "it's good to be old (broken), it's good to be old, it's safe to be old (broken), and it will turn bad into good.".

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