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What's the meaning of giving gifts to chickens in the first month

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in people's life here, giving gifts to others, whether relatives, friends or strangers, is a very common thing. But how can you make your gifts seem more sincere? This also needs to consider whether the other party will accept and the gifts they give. Whether there is a better moral is very important.

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what is the meaning of sending chickens? Chickens are the most common poultry in life. Such themes are often expressed in Chinese traditional art. Chicken is homophonic with auspicious meaning, so it is widely loved by people. People like to hang a chicken picture at home or give it to relatives and friends. Through continuous inheritance and promotion, the meaning of chicken is constantly enriched. In Chinese traditional painting, the theme of chicken has auspicious implications, such as good luck, good luck, auspicious stars, Golden Rooster heralding the dawn, rooster heralding the victory, Golden Rooster welcoming the spring, rooster crowing wealth, hearing chicken dancing, year after year auspiciousness, everything is auspicious, wealth and auspiciousness, more than auspicious celebrations, happiness and auspiciousness, which are loved by traditional Chinese painting painters of all dynasties. It is not appropriate to send chickens in the first month. In the past, people regarded chickens as auspicious birds. Therefore, chicken shapes were mostly painted in portrait stones and bricks in the Han Dynasty, and even the auspicious seal of "Japanese chicken" was often engraved on the front end of car decorations, which meant good luck. People also regard chickens as mascots. They not only cut chickens with red paper as window decorations during the new year, but also set the first day of the new year as chicken day (auspicious day). Taking the first day of the first month as the "chicken" (auspicious) day is largely because "chicken" and "auspicious" are homophonic. After long-term changes, people will think of auspicious meaning when they see the image of chicken. Chicken is auspicious, and auspicious is chicken. So sending chicken in the first month is a good choice.

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why is it suitable to send chickens in the first month? Under the natural economic conditions of self-sufficiency, people often raise chickens and save some household money by selling chickens and eggs. Modern people like chicken, not only because it is a delicacy on the table. Through the image of chicken, people always think of the leisure and happiness of their own life. On the one hand, the cock crows at sunrise every morning and runs around during the day to maintain the peace of the flock, while the hen's gentle temperament and unlimited maternal love for the chicks. On the other hand, as far as chickens are concerned, they are born with a bright red comb, especially the cock, whose comb is huge and beautiful. The Chinese nation has always advocated red. The bright red on the chicken head means the red of life, family prosperity, population prosperity and business prosperity. It is even a symbol, which is the visual expression of auspiciousness. Therefore, it has become a synonym for a happy life and a happy life.

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