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Can't you send things out in the first month? What's the meaning

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in people's daily life, giving things is a very common thing. Because when relatives, friends or close friends ask us for something at home or something else. People will try their best to satisfy their psychology. But note that giving things is also about time and concept, not casual.


what is the meaning of the first month? The first month, also known as Zou month, Duan month and Meng spring, is the first month of the year, and the first day of the first month is what we call "Spring Festival", which is called "New Year's Day". "Yuan" is the beginning; "Dan" person, morning also. New year's Day is the first morning of the year. In ancient times, it was called "Three Dynasties", that is, "the age of the dynasty, the moon of the Dynasty and the sun of the Dynasty". It is also called "three yuan", that is, "the yuan of the year, the yuan of the month and the yuan of the day". Since the Yin and Shang Dynasties, the full moon was missed once for January, the first day for new moon and the fifteenth day for hope. The beginning of each year is counted from the new day of the first month, which is called "New Year's Day" or "New Year's Day". Since Caesar created the solar calendar, that is, the first month is determined as the beginning of the year, and the first day of the first month is the new year. Of course, when we mention "New Year's Day", we naturally think of January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, which is something after the Republic of China. The first day of the first month is called "New Year's Day" or "New Year's Day". Big means lively, that is, it is going to be a red and noisy day. The first month is suitable for sending something to a friend's house for the new year. There are many gifts. Generally, in addition to fruits and candy, you can send delicious restaurant coupons, beauty cards, movie coupons, concert entry coupons, red wine and so on. If you care about your friend's situation and know that she has a new baby, you might as well buy some ready-made baby gift boxes. All kinds of baby supplies are exquisite and unique, which completely attract their attention. Some people have to walk around with customers during the new year. If they don't know the customers' hobbies, the traditional tobacco, wine, tea and fruit can't be wrong. If you know customers' hobbies, such as playing golf, painting, horseback riding, you can give them clubs, waving whips and painting exhibition tickets accordingly, which will make customers better remember you.

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the first month is not suitable for giving gifts. Giving a wallet usually means that you give your "money bank" to others. If you give a wallet to a friend, think for yourself. Do you have bad luck in the future? Or serious financial leakage? Or the money that should be collected cannot be recovered in time? Be sure to send your wallet carefully. Of course, it's usually OK between husband and wife and lovers, because there are skin blind dates and congenial feelings. When a friend opens a shop or opens a business, his relatives and friends will send him the "God of wealth". In fact, from a neo Confucianism point of view, you should be careful to send the God of wealth, otherwise, your wealth will probably stagnate; Of course, the recipient should also pay attention to that usually the god Buddha wants to invite himself to the temple, but he can't invite him or accept the wealth "God" given by others. Otherwise, both the sender and the receiver will lead to financial problems.

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