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Can you charge for the first month? Can you ask for debt and money

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in recent years, more and more farmers' trade unions feel particularly disappointed and frustrated that they don't get the pay they want at the end of the year. However, with the progress of society and the continuous improvement of the law, the rights and interests of migrant workers and other employees have been legally protected, but they also need to pay attention to their time when they ask for accounts.


is the first month suitable for looking for someone to pay back money? There are many taboos in the first month, and avoiding debt collection is one of them. It is traditionally believed that during the Chinese new year, people who ask for debt or ask for debt will be unlucky all year round, so it is taboo to ask for debt from others. According to the Chinese custom, it should be to close the accounts in recent years, and it is more appropriate to go in the afternoon. Whenever it's not the first month. What is the "serial horse" debt collection method suitable for charging? That is, you want me a condition and I want you a condition. Adhere to the debt collection method of swap conditions. Operating skills: adhere to the principle of not letting yourself lose a condition in vain. "Ultimatum" debt collection method is a debt collection method that uses conditions or time as chips to force the other party to make a final reply. Operation skills: pay attention to the word "credible"; This method can not be used more. It has no effect and hurts feelings. "Tit for tat" debt collection method is a kind of aggressive war. It is a strategy to force the other party to make concessions with a firm stance of never yielding in the process of debt collection. Operation skills: speak to the point; "Feng" is reasonable, not shouting loudly. "Squeezing toothpaste" debt collection method is a debt collection method of exerting pressure and forcing the other party to make concessions. Operational skills: we should carefully study and analyze the occurrence of contracts and debts to find what has been favorable; Be good at finding pressure; Pay attention to patience and arrange enough time.

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what are the taboos of the first month? The taboos of the first month hurt life. The reincarnation path of creatures stops in the first month. It is said in ancient times that the birthday of the mother of the "Si Jishen" who took charge of the reincarnation path of creatures is on the eighth day of the first month. Therefore, the "Si Jishen" will close the reincarnation path to celebrate her mother's birthday in the first month. Therefore, the dead of the creatures you hurt cannot enter the six reincarnation paths and will follow you until the third day of the next month.

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