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Can I ask for payment in the first month? Can I ask others to pay back

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when each zodiac zodiac sign encounters difficulties with their friends or relatives, they will choose to lend them money or other ways to support their actions. At this time, we should also pay attention to whether the money we borrowed can come back. This is also a very important thing, and we pay attention to time when we ask for money.

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is the first month suitable for asking for debt? There is a folk saying that you can't borrow money or pay back money in the first month. If you pay off your debt, it means that you will borrow money and continue to pay off your debt in the future. Even if your living conditions get better and you make money hard, you still lose your financial resources and rely on others to live. I have lived a miserable and tired life all my life. If you want to pay off your debt, you can choose someone else's day. Don't return it at the beginning of spring. Generally speaking, we should pay our debts at the end of the year, which shows that our bad luck this year is clear, there will be no borrowing in the next year, and our living conditions are good. However, in the first month, the first month of spring, we are likely to have a bad year. Our family life is also in constant trouble. Disturbing things often happen, which has a great impact on financial luck. Impact of debt repayment in the first month

we can't repay debt in the first month, because it is the beginning of the new year. If debt repayment occurs at the beginning of the new year, it will attract a lot of anger. At that time, our ancestors were not long gone, and the balance of yin and Yang was not stable, so it was easy to attract bad things. If bad luck is too heavy, it will make us sick and have a certain negative effect on our work. We'd better pay back the money at another time.

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what are the precautions for the first month? Do not watch Red weddings in the first month. In ancient times, few men and women got married in the first month. In ancient times, there was a saying that men and women got married in the first month, which was the pressure of the month's age, which was detrimental to their children and grandchildren. Therefore, in the first month of the old calendar, there was a "ghost marriage" season, because the first month of the underworld was the same as the sun, and all things in the underworld could come to the sun, so when you saw a wedding in the wilderness, Do not stop to watch, but observe whether there are people around. If many people are watching, it means that it is a sunny wedding. If there is no one around, only you, or when the people around see that the wedding team is not reflected, you'd better turn around and run, because it is likely that they are coming to pick you up. https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/22690.html
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