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Can I ask for project funds in the first month? What are the taboos

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people will choose various ways to meet their psychology of making money in their own life, and this involves. How can I really make money? Because sometimes we will encounter the problem of arrears, so in the first month, people are happy to go home for the new year. Can you ask for the money in arrears again?

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is it appropriate to ask for project funds in the first month? It should be said that this is normal. They will delay the project funds and other materials as soon as they can, so that they will have sufficient working capital in their hands and can do more things, that is, they would rather embarrass others than themselves, Who wants you to do business with him; Another reason is that those who do the project do not wait until they have enough money in hand, but maintain the normal progress of the project through loans and arrears of project funds and materials. Therefore, they may not have money to pay you, and some can only pay according to the project progress. The first month represents the beginning of the new year, and the project funds must come back. What old saying is taboo in the first month? In fact, it is not. According to the book of rites of the Qing Dynasty, the original meaning of the first month haircut was "nostalgia". Later, it was said that it became "dead uncle". However, the idea of not having a haircut in the first month originated from the Tang Dynasty, In the Tang Dynasty, a weapon called "golden Tomahawk" was used in the Tang Dynasty to execute the death penalty and behead heinous prisoners, while the first month was called "golden month" in the Tang Dynasty. The combination of hair cutting in the first month is "golden Tomahawk to eliminate ears", which means beheading in the Dharma court.


what are the precautions in the first month? Friends who have seen the interpretation of the Three Kingdoms should know that Zhuge Liang killed many people when he calmed the Nanbang. Later, Zhuge Liang made a sacrifice "steamed bread" to the victims. Since then, it has become popular among the people to make pasta with steamed bread or other cereals for the dead, However, the Yang of the first month rises, and bad luck also rises. Sometimes the living and the dead are only separated by a layer of foreign soil a few inches thin. If you accidentally drop the food on the ground, don't pick it up. You should leave here quickly. If you deliberately throw away the food, the consequences will be unimaginable! Because underground friends will follow you once they taste sweets. They know you will still eat sweets. If you don't still eat sweets, they will treat you as' steamed bread '.

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