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Can I have someone else's clothes in the first month? What's the taboo

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in people's daily life, clothing is a very common item, because every zodiac sign needs to wear business to ensure their safety and health. Moreover, with the continuous renewal of people's ideas, other people's clothes can be taken as five. As long as they are not defective, is it suitable to ask for other people's clothes in January?


is it suitable to ask for other people's clothes in the first month? Wearing other people's clothes in the first month shows that the economy will be tense in this year, and you can't even wear new clothes. You'd better not borrow other people's clothes. What are the taboos of wearing clothes in the first month? You can't wear yellow clothes in the Spring Festival; Many people wear new obscene clothes during the new year, but remember, it doesn't matter to wear white, white, pink, or even the most ominous black. You can't wear yellow obscene clothes, regardless of khaki, light yellow, orange, as long as you touch a little with yellow. Yellow has a deterrent spirit. Although it can deter evil, it also makes the gods taboo. During the Chinese new year, its own Yang is heavy and evil is difficult to commit. Therefore, wearing a profane dress of this kind of color is equivalent to covering a film on the surface of the body to deter the vast gods. Orange is actually a feeling of youth, youth and shyness, but orange is also very picky. In the winter without sunshine, it will show your skin color and body too incisively and vividly. Many mature and intellectual women choose gray, and even choose Gray all year round. In fact, this color is not recommended for the new year. In order to ensure the quality of clothes, many people want to wear them for a few days before deciding whether they are suitable. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with not cutting commodity labels, but they make a big taboo on New Year's Eve; Even for new clothes, the labels are still old labels. If the old labels are not reduced on New Year's Eve, where can we get rid of the old gas in the new year? New clothes are like chicken ribs. There is nothing new to talk about.

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what is the custom of sending poor gods in the first month. On the sixth day of the lunar new year, the day to throw the poor away smoothly, that is, the day to "send the poor", which is a distinctive custom among Chinese people. It indicates that if you send away the poor days, you will live a good life in the new year, and your family will no longer be poor. These are people's yearning and longing for a better future, so the old people attach great importance to this day.

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