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Will you give others old clothes in the first month? Can you make clothes in the first month

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old clothes are clothes that some zodiac signs can't wear because of their age or weight gain. At this time, if clothes are still relatively new, zodiac signs will choose to give them to people close to them, so as to improve the utilization value of items. But when is it not suitable to send clothes to others?

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is the first month suitable for giving away old clothes? Don't give damaged and stained old clothes: when we give clothes to others, we must avoid giving damaged and stained clothes, because those clothes have been stained with a lot of bad luck. If we give them to relatives and friends, we will transfer the bad luck, However, in this way, the fortunes of relatives and friends will be damaged and the feelings between relatives and friends and you will be affected. Avoid giving intimate underwear: intimate underwear cannot be given freely. First, it is because it is too deeply involved with us. The best way to deal with it is to burn or cut it off and then throw it away. Second, it is also because underwear may be contaminated with some bacteria on many individuals, which is easy to cause infection or pollution. The best way to deal with old clothes in the first month is to donate intact old clothes to charities, tramps and poor households. It is a particularly economical way to deal with them. It will also accumulate Yin virtue for us and increase our image and fortune. Recycling is also a way of treatment. The state recycles old clothes and then handles them uniformly, so as to protect the environment and avoid waste as much as possible.

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can you do clothes in the first month "do not do needlework" there is such a saying: "if you do needlework on the first day of the new year, you can not do needlework in the whole first month; if you don't do it on the first day of the first month, you can't do needlework in the whole first month." the 11th and 12th days of the first month are the legendary "mice marry women", You must never do needlework. There is also a saying that "lazy women don't have a pair, but diligent women have a lot of baskets", "lazy women hum, Gu Yu and Qingming", which means that lazy women often make excuses to say that they can't do needlework in the first month, so they don't have to do it. After the first month, there are Gu Yu and Qingming Festival. There are many reasons, and there are always reasons why they don't want to work; The diligent daughter-in-law can find work every day. She can do a lot of sewing in the first month alone. So it's not suitable for making clothes these days.

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