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Can you give others clothes in the twelfth lunar month? What do you say

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in fact, for every zodiac sign, giving clothes is a very common and happy thing. People who can wear new clothes are also in a particularly happy mood, but in people's life, giving clothes is also about time. Because giving clothes at the wrong time is likely to change the fortunes of yourself and even others.

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what do you say about the twelfth lunar month? The twelfth lunar month is another name for December at the end of the year. As for "La", there are records of "Roufu" and "cured meat" in works such as Zhouyi and Zhouli. The original meaning of "wax" is "dry meat". There are many names for December at the end of the year, among which the most familiar is the nickname "December". This month's weather is most suitable for air drying and making cured meat, so it is called "December moon". At the end of the year, December is a month with more sacrifices because it is in the transition period between the old and the new. As early as the pre-Qin period, some places in China held "end of year sacrifice" in this month of the transition between the old and the new. Because December at the end of the year has other names such as "twelfth month" and "Twelfth winter", the sacrifice held this month is called "wax sacrifice". In ancient times, there were many nicknames for month, and each nickname had its own meaning. Under the age of December, in addition to the nickname "December", there are other nicknames such as month, late winter, December, Jiaping, Jidong, severe winter and so on. The twelfth month, now usually refers to the December of the lunar calendar. Is the twelfth lunar month suitable for giving clothes to others? Some people are not short of money, but they still like to wear other people's old clothes. Especially when your luck is bad, you will want to find a way to change your good luck. The old clothes have the good luck of the former owner. As long as they are cleaned and sent out, it is good for both sending and receiving. When things are a lot and messy, we just need to remove them, and the environment will get better. The same is true for giving away old clothes. You haven't worn them anyway. You've been overstocking in the corner. On the contrary, it will bring bad luck. Only timely cleaning will bring you good luck.

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what's the point of giving clothes in the twelfth lunar month? Now children wear bright and beautiful clothes one by one, but in many places, parents still find their children old clothes from other people. Because parents feel that their children can get more protection by wearing such clothes, which is also a great help for their children's future fortune. Recipients like old clothes because they think they can bring good luck to themselves. And for those who send clothes, they don't suffer at all. After all, as the old saying goes, give away old clothes and bad luck. When you feel very bad for a period of time, you can operate like this.

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