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Will you buy clothes in the first month? Can you buy clothes in the first month

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in the life development of each zodiac sign, it is very common to buy clothes in the first month, that is, the Spring Festival. Because people hope that when the new year comes. You can wear new clothes to welcome the new year, and you can have a better and smooth development in your later life. This is a good moral.

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whether the first month is suitable for wearing new clothes for the new year is an ancient custom of our people. In the customs of the northern and Southern Dynasties, there is such a record that on New Year's day, the "elders and children know the right clothes". In the Song Dynasty, it was also recorded in the Tokyo dream records that every new year's day, everyone wore clean new clothes and went shopping everywhere. By the time of the Republic of China, "Pinggu County annals" also recorded that on the first day of the first month, "low, young and prosperous decoration, worship elders for longevity". In Chinese tradition, wearing new clothes for the new year has a long history. Like dragon dance, lion dance, gongs and drums, pasting Spring Festival couplets, setting off firecrackers and hanging lanterns, it is an indispensable part of the festival. The colorful new clothes for the Spring Festival set off the good atmosphere of the festival more strongly and better. So when you wear new clothes, your clothes are like spring couplets on your body to celebrate spring. What is forbidden in the first month to break dishes and chopsticks: in the first month, pay attention to avoid breaking dishes and chopsticks. At this time, breaking things can not be regarded as "broken". Because it advocates reunion and auspiciousness in the first month, once something is broken, it symbolizes the incompleteness of the family. If you break it carelessly, you should recite auspicious words such as "fou open mouth, great wealth and honor" in time. Pour blessing cannot be pasted on the gate: if more than one word "blessing" is pasted, the "door blessing" shall be pasted first, then the "blessing" of the hall, and finally the "pour blessing". The order must not be reversed. The word "Fu" can't be pasted right, but it should be noted that it can't be pasted anywhere, especially on the gate.


what are the precautions for the first month? Because there is a folk saying that cutting hair in the first month is not good for uncle, so the older generation is not allowed to cut hair, which makes many fashionable young people very distressed. They usually go to have their hair cut secretly, while those who dare not have their hair cut can only have their hair cut in the twelfth month, So December is usually the most profitable month for barbershops. But why is there such a custom? It is said that in the Qing Dynasty, the rulers had a rule of forced hair cutting, and those who did not want to have a haircut said that cutting their hair in the first month would kill their uncle to avoid it, so this custom gradually came into being. It is traditionally believed that if a child is scolded on the first day of junior high school, he will be scolded for a whole year. In particular, it is required to say good words on the first day of the first day of the junior high school and not rude words. In some areas, if a child slips his tongue, adults will immediately say, "there are no taboos for children's words".

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