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Can you ask for new clothes from others in the first month? What should you pay attention to

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for the clothes given to them by others, some people will choose to refuse and others will choose to accept. In fact, this is the influence of people's personality and their ideas. Because some people think the clothes given by others don't fit, but it's also a kind of intention of others. So in the middle of the month, do you want to accept the clothes given by others?


is the first month suitable for clothes sent by others? The old clothes have the luck of the owner. Whether the luck is good or bad, it will be passed on to the next owner. Some people get sick after giving clothes. After donating clothes, the whole family gets sick. There are also some families who are obviously rich. They don't look like people who are too poor to afford clothes. They always ask other lucky people to wear old clothes. This is transforming clothes. Some people have a bad heart and give the clothes worn by the patient to others. As a result, people will change. What are the taboos of the first month? The first day of the new year is the beginning of the year and the day to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. Therefore, on the first day of the new year, don't say unlucky words, but write more auspicious words, such as "congratulations on getting rich", "extensive financial resources", "gold list title", etc. On the first day of the lunar new year, the whole family get together. It's inevitable to drink for fun, but don't get drunk. Drunken nonsense, drunken gaffe, and possibly drunken vomiting, dirty the house, and bring a bad impression on the good atmosphere of the new year. In addition, there are many relatives during the Spring Festival. It's bad to be known by others. On the first day of the lunar new year, every family is filled with a good atmosphere of joy. If you make a lot of noise on this day, it will be particularly harsh and make everyone talk and be laughed at. Remember not to quarrel on the first day of junior high school. If there is any problem, you can negotiate slowly and solve it rationally.

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in the first month, we must pay attention to what children sometimes don't understand, will cause some small disasters and do some things that make people cry and laugh. If this happens on the first day of the new year, don't yell at children, otherwise they will have a bad Spring Festival. You will feel uncomfortable about the Spring Festival. Children also have self-esteem and should focus on education. When going to the new year with someone, if the other person gets up late, don't call his name when urging him to get up. If you call his name, it means that the other person will be urged to do things all year round. When paying New Year's greetings, do not pay New Year's greetings to those who sleep. Be sure to wait until the other party gets up. On the first day of junior high school, try not to do housework such as washing clothes and cleaning. Washing clothes needs water, but God of water's birthday is on the first or second day of junior high school. Washing clothes may offend God of water. Don't do household chores such as pouring sewage, garbage and sweeping the floor, because it's easy to sweep away the wealth of the family. Friends in rural areas should not chop firewood with an axe, because firewood is homonymous for "wealth". After an axe splits firewood (wealth), wealth will never come back.

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