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What is the auspicious day of house sweeping in the first month

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During the

year, people will be very busy. In the process of their growth, they may choose to ignore some subtle things. In fact, in daily life, as long as it is not a special time, people will not clean the house on a large scale. But when the new year is coming, we still need to clean the house to welcome this year's.

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The first month is suitable for house sweeping on Friday, February 12, 2021 A.D. the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar should be: House sweeping moves into the house, the upper beam and vertical column goes out, the ground is built for sacrifice and blessing, marriage and burial bogey: opening and starting to make a stove in anmen, February 17, 2021 A.D. The Sixth Wednesday of the first month of the lunar calendar should be: House sweeping and sacrifice and blessing   Cooking stove taboo: move into the house, open the upper beam vertical column, start the trip, bury, marry and decorate, break the ground on Thursday, the seventh day of the first lunar month, February 18, 2021 ad: sweep the house, marry and bury the upper beam vertical column, move into the house, go out of the house, build a bed and offer sacrifices. Taboo: open the door cooking stove, start the business, February 24, 2021, the first lunar month 13 Wednesday: sweep the house, break the ground, move into the house, bury, build, move the ground, marry the beam and upright post. Avoid: set up a bed as a stove, start the opening of the house for the new year, pay attention to cleaning the house. When cleaning the windows, take off the screen first for washing. If there is dust in the window frame or slot, clean it out with a small brush first. When wiping indoor glass, you can wipe it with newspaper immediately after soaking stains, which can easily clean the glass. When cleaning the outside glass of the house, you can use the special glass window brush on both sides. When cleaning the balcony glass, you can try to choose the tool with double-sided cleaning or long handle, which can ensure the safety of sanitation. Dry and wet cloths should be prepared when cleaning the floor. Wipe with a wet cloth along the texture of the wooden floor. After cleaning the dirt on the floor, wipe it with a dry cloth immediately to avoid leaving small drops of water. If it is paved with ceramic tiles, it can be cleaned directly with a mop. However, no matter what kind of floor, you should clean the dust on the corner line with a small brush before wiping, and then clean the ground.


what's important about cleaning the house in the first month? The oil stain in the kitchen is the most difficult to clean. Generally, heavy oil decontamination spray should be used. Paste napkins or fresh-keeping films on tiles and spray detergent on them for a while, just like applying a mask. Tear off the napkin or plastic wrap, and then wipe it with clean cloth dipped in water once or twice, and the ceramic tile will take on a new look. If the oil stain on the ceramic tile or the gap is too thick, you can shovel it with a shovel or clean it with a steel ball first. After thinning, clean it with detergent.

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