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When can I sweep the house in the twelfth month? When can I sweep the house in the first month

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cleaning the house is a common thing for every zodiac sign, because the family is not only the place where they live, but also their harbor? Therefore, they need to be clean and tidy all the time, so that their mood can be happy. So, how to choose the best time to clean the house?

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the best time to sweep the house in the twelfth lunar month is more than twenty-four in the twelfth lunar month; According to LV Lan's law, "on the day of year-end, beat the drum to drive away the plague ghosts, which is also called wood difficulty." later, it gradually changed to the year-end health sweeping. In the Tang Dynasty, the wind of "sweeping the new year" prevailed. In ancient times, the Spring Festival cleaning up was called "sweeping the new year", which originated from a religious ceremony for the ancient people to drive away diseases and epidemics. Later, it gradually changed into a year-end health cleaning. It is a traditional habit of our people. The north is called "house sweeping" and the south is called "dust dusting". Every household should clean the environment, clean all kinds of appliances, dismantle and wash bedding and curtains, sweep the courtyard of Liulu, dust and dust cobwebs, and dredge open and underground ditches. For the north, sweeping houses in the December moon in severe winter is just dusting, while in the south, tables, chairs, benches and even large beds are often carried to the riverside and well to brush. After cleaning the house, the whole family will start to prepare for the new year's goods, invite wax paper yards and offerings, write couplets, cut window flowers, buy hanging money, New Year pictures and firecrackers... The north and south of the river are filled with a good atmosphere of happy hygiene and clean welcome to the new year. The first month is not the best day to sweep the house. You can't use a broom on the first day of the new year, otherwise you will sweep away your luck and lose money. If you have to sweep the floor, you must sweep it from the outside to the inside. Today, many places still keep a custom of cleaning up before New Year's Eve. On the first day of the new year, they don't give out brooms, take out garbage, and prepare a large bucket of waste water, which is not spilled on that day. You can't break things in the new year. Breaking things is a harbinger of bankruptcy. You have to say "year-old (broken) year-old peace" or "landing and flowering, wealth and glory".


what is the custom of grinding tofu in the twelfth lunar month? In the past, tofu was a necessary food for the new year. On the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month, people grind the soaked soybeans with a stone mill, "knead the baskets, remove the residue, boil the boiling point slurry into pieces", cut the tofu into small pieces and save it in salted water for consumption during the Spring Festival. Because the decay of tofu is homonymous with wealth, twenty-five grinding tofu means that you have a surplus in the new year and a surplus in life in the coming year. There is also the saying of "25 pasting windows", that is, after sweeping the dust on the 24th of the twelfth lunar month, it is time to paste windows on the 25th. With the development of society, most families have lost the tradition of pasting windows, but pasting window flowers, blessing characters and hanging couplets are essential procedures. In short, people's wishes for prosperity in the coming year are the same.

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