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The legend of sweeping dust what is the moral of sweeping dust

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may have a certain understanding of when to clean the house, but there is no in-depth understanding of each zodiac sign. Because there will be another saying about cleaning, that is, dust sweeping. Before the Spring Festival, people need to sweep the dust at the most appropriate time, so that they can have a happy development in the next year.


, 酒,


it is said that before, China had the custom of sweeping dust during the Spring Festival in the era of Yao and shun. In particular, when dusting, use straw and a wooden stick longer than people's height to tie a long broom to clean the dust and spider webs on the beams and corners of the house. Then keep those straw and light the straw after dinner on New Year's Eve for men to dance "fire pier" to sweep the dust. What's the meaning of the big cleaning a few days before the Spring Festival every year? We call it "dust sweeping". Dust sweeping day, that is, the 24th of the twelfth lunar month. The so-called "dust sweeping" is the year-end cleaning, and every family sweeps the cobweb   Dust and cleaning. Although "24, dust sweeping Day" is actually dust sweeping time from before and after offering sacrifices to the stove to the end of the year. In some parts of China, it starts from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month to new year's Eve every year   Up to now, this period of time has been called "dust sweeping Day", also known as "spring greeting day". Dust sweeping not only means to expel diseases and diseases, pray for and wish for new year's health, but also means to get rid of "Chen" (dust) and cloth new emotional wishes. This custom sends a signal of a busy and good atmosphere in the new year to people   This custom reflects the Chinese people's tradition of cleaning and hygiene, embodies people's good expectations, and still maintains tenacious vitality. Every year from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month to the new year's Eve, Han people call this period "spring greeting day", also known as dust sweeping day. Dust sweeping is year-end cleaning, which is called "sweeping" in the north   In the south, it's called dusting and sweeping.


why do you sweep the dust during the Spring Festival? Sweeping the dust before the Spring Festival is a traditional habit of the Chinese people. Every family has to clean the environment, clean all kinds of appliances, dismantle and wash bedding, curtains and sprinkle water when the Spring Festival comes   Sweeping the courtyard of Liulu, brushing the cobwebs of dust and dirt, dredging the open channels and underground ditches. The north and south of the river are filled with a good atmosphere of sanitation and clean welcome to the new year.

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