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Introduction of Spring Festival the customs of Chinese Spring Festival

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among many excellent traditional cultures of the Chinese nation, the Spring Festival has been respected by people. It has rich cultural meaning and willingness. What will people do during the Spring Festival? What kind of happy life will the Spring Festival bring to each zodiac sign? This will involve the significance of people's Spring Festival.


the specific meaning of the Spring Festival is the Spring Festival, that is, the lunar new year, commonly known as the new year, the new year, the new year's day, etc. orally, it is also known as the new year and the new year. The Spring Festival has a long history, which comes from the worship of praying at the beginning of the year in ancient times. Everything is based on heaven and people are based on their ancestors. Praying for the new year, offering sacrifices to heaven and ancestors, and returning the beginning to the beginning. The origin of the Spring Festival contains profound cultural connotation and carries rich historical and cultural heritage in the inheritance and development. During the Spring Festival, all parts of the country hold various activities to celebrate the Spring Festival, with strong regional characteristics. These activities are mainly about the old and new cloth, the disaster, worship the gods, and the blessing of the new year. They are rich and colorful in form and are the essence of Chinese traditional culture. The origin of Spring Festival the origin of ancient traditional festivals is related to ancient primitive beliefs, sacrificial culture, astrology, calendar and other humanistic and natural cultural contents. According to the research results of modern anthropology and archaeology, human beings have two most primitive beliefs: one is the belief in heaven and earth, and the other is the belief in ancestors. Most of the ancient traditional festivals were formed in the previous days when people offered sacrifices to thank the gods of heaven and earth, ancestors' kindness and blessing activities. The early festival culture reflects the humanistic spirit of people's worship of nature, the unity of heaven and man, cautious in the end and pursuing the future, and thinking of the source; A series of sacrificial activities contain the profound cultural connotation of only respecting and feeling morality, etiquette and music civilization. The formation of new year's day covers the contents of humanistic philosophy and natural law.


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what are the customs and cultures of the Spring Festival? Traditional festival rituals and customs activities have always been an important part of the festival yuan, carrying a rich and colorful festival culture. New year's Day (New Year's day) is not only an ancient festival in China, but also the most important festival in the whole year. In the historical development, it has mixed a variety of folk customs in many places and formed some relatively fixed customs, many of which are still handed down to this day. These activities can be roughly summarized as follows: according to the time of day; Worship the ancestors and maintain family affection; Dispel evil and seek peace; Leisure and entertainment, relax. Beginning with the Centennial Festival, the Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It not only embodies the thoughts and beliefs, ideals and aspirations, life, entertainment and cultural psychology of the Chinese nation, but also a carnival display of praying for disaster, catering and entertainment activities.

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