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A poem about sweeping dust with five words and seven words

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in people's lives, they will learn a lot of ancient poetry when they study. This is also an important culture inherited by the ancients. It will also involve many aspects of the choice of ancient poetry, so how many ancient poetry to sweep the dust? What rich cultural meaning do they have in people's life? All this needs to be understood.

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The seven character poem about sweeping the dust: the straw mat Futon does not sweep the dust, the path sweeps the dust, Yan coma, Taoist footprints sweep the world, the autumn wind has swept the dust, and when sweeping the dust, I look at the residual poetry picked up by the dust sweeping of Longquan. I don't need fiber to sweep the dust, and the bamboo should not sweep the dust for me. I heard that the school books are like sweeping the dust. Only the east wind is limited to sweeping the dust. I was glad to sweep the dust when I was alive When the museum opened, the dust sweeping couch swept the dust, but Zhang old couch vowed to sweep the dust atmosphere. He vowed to return clean and sweep the dust. As soon as he swept the dust, he swept the dust all the way to the wall of the empty hall. He was bound as a Pengsong dust sweeping broom. He swept the dust on the flat ground. The wind swept the dust, the purple clouds, and the south wind swept Hu chenjing. When Jundong went to sweep Hu chenjing, middle-aged Hu chenjing was as quiet as sweeping. Don't send green silk to sweep Don't send the green silk to sweep the road dust, don't send the green silk to sweep the road dust, don't send the green silk to sweep the road dust, sweep the clean heart, sweep the clean heart, sweep the dust, but sweep the dust. The bandit first suppressed the poem about sweeping the dust. The five character sunset sweeping the dust couch is the remaining sweeping dust steps. He menxu sweeps the dust, sweeps the dust on the east wall and sweeps the dust all over the world The pine wind sweeps the dust from time to time, sweeps the dust for thousands of miles, sweeps the dust smoke. Fortunately, when sweeping the dust wall, thunder sweeps the dust for thousands of miles, sweeps the dust and wants to sweep the captive dust. I sit and feel the smoke and dust sweeps the machine, sweeps the dust outside, likes to sweep the fragrant dust, orchid path sweeps the dust, sweeps the dust mat dust, regrets not to sweep the dust, never sweeps the wind, bamboo sweeps the dust, and Wu Tong sweeps the road dust The red dust worship sweeps the car and dust sweeps the emerald tin pine wind sweeps the stone dust stone room sweeps the dust-free wind sweeps the forever dust-free sweep the floor drives the dust to sweep the captive dust, the rest wants to sweep the captive dust, the rest sweeps the snow jade sweeps the door dust, the clothes are full of dust, talks and smiles, sweeps the Hu dust, sweeps the dust in the world, sweeps the dust on all sides, sweeps the bead dust, bamboo dust, and sweeps the dust from the West Sea Who should sweep

to sweep away the dust of the Zodiac


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       What does dust sweeping mean? Dust sweeping, also known as house sweeping, house sweeping, dust removal, residue removal, dust dusting and dust beating, is one of the traditional customs of Chinese folk New Year. Years ago, the busy year was mainly focused on eliminating the old and cleaning up the new. Dust sweeping is the year-end cleaning. It is called "house sweeping" in the South and "house sweeping" in the north. Its intention is to sweep all "poor luck" and "bad luck" out of the door, pinning on the Chinese nation's good wish to eliminate disasters, welcome good luck and accept good fortune. The ballad says, "24, dust sweeping day." on this day, every household should clean the environment, dust and dust cobwebs, clean all kinds of appliances, dismantle and wash bedding and curtains, sweep Liulu courtyard, and dredge open and underground ditches. https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/22703.html
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