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10 dishes that must be cooked for the Spring Festival New Year's Eve dinner. What time do you eat the new year's Eve dinner

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in the daily life of each zodiac sign, eating is a very common thing, and they don't pay much attention to it, but they often pay attention to eating when they are especially serious. For example, what kind of food will people choose to eat during the Spring Festival and new year's Eve to make their next life more smooth?

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fish and chicken braised carp will be eaten for the Spring Festival dinner. Because there is a traditional Chinese saying that there are more than fish every year, fish is an essential dish for new year's Eve dinner. Eating carp on New Year's Eve is homonymous with "ceremony", and eating carp for the new year is very auspicious. New year's Eve to eat crucian carp, crucian carp with "auspicious" homonym, new year's carp and crucian carp eat together is great luck. Eat silver carp on New Year's Eve, which is homonymous with "Lian", and eat silver carp for the new year. It's called flower chicken. On New Year's Eve, there is no lack of chicken at a rich reunion dinner table. New year's Eve dinner, in many places, the first dish to eat is chicken, because it means auspicious. New year dishes must have a chicken on the table, because "start by eating chicken". Local Hakkas in Guangzhou worship God and use chickens and geese as "firstborn". They will choose "local chicken", which means they are fierce to survive. The eve of the meal must do dishes, pepper and salt shrimp. Guangzhou people like to eat seafood. Shrimp will be an auspicious dish in the new year, such as boiled shrimp and fried shrimp, because shrimp means to laugh and laugh every day. A shrimp for the Chinese New Year. Laugh and be happy every year. Palace fried rice cakes. New Year cake, also known as "New Year cake", is homonymous with "high every year", which means that people's work and life are improving year by year. As a kind of food, New Year cake has a long history in China. In Chinese folklore, eating "dumplings" on New Year's Eve is an important feast that can not be replaced by any delicacies. "Jiaozi", also known as "Jiaozi" or "jiao'er", means the alternation of the old and the new. It is also a feast that must be eaten according to the meaning of God. Eating dumplings means "Jiaozi at a younger age", and "Zi" means "Zishi", which is homonymous with "Jiaozi", which means "happy reunion" and "good luck". In addition, because dumplings look like Yuanbao, eating dumplings during the new year also has the auspicious meaning of "Attracting Wealth and treasure".

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when is the most appropriate time to eat the new year's Eve dinner, also known as the reunion dinner, which is the last meal on the Lunar New Year's Eve (the last day of each year). On this day, people are going to get together and have dinner. The annual reunion dinner shows the mutual respect and love of family members of the Chinese nation, which makes the relationship between families closer. There is no exact time to eat the new year's Eve dinner on the evening of new year's Eve. When your family is reunited, looking at the fireworks outside the window and happily together, it is the best time.

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