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What are the special customs of Chinese Spring Festival

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the traditional festival of the Spring Festival is very important for the Chinese people, because the arrival of the Spring Festival means that they can relax their body and mind, so as to better reunite with their families and express their thoughts. But often at this time, there are many customs and cultures that have been inherited in people's life.


what is the custom of the Spring Festival? The Spring Festival is the most grand traditional festival among Chinese people. It is a folk festival integrating blessing, disaster, celebration, entertainment and diet. The Spring Festival has a long history, which changes from the worship of praying at the beginning of the year in ancient times, and carries rich historical and cultural heritage in the inheritance and development. New Year celebrations in Spring Festival are centered around the festival of sacrifice and wishing for the year of prayer. The new year is rich and colorful, full of flavor and rich in traditional Chinese culture. During the Spring Festival, various new year activities are held all over the country. Due to different regional cultures, there are differences in the content or details of customs. What are the customs and cultures of the Spring Festival? China's new year has a long history. Some relatively fixed customs have been formed in the inheritance and development. Many are still handed down to this day, such as buying new year's goods, sweeping dust, pasting couplets, eating New Year's Eve dinner, watching the new year, paying New Year's greetings, dragon and lion dance, worshipping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and disasters, setting off firecrackers, setting off fireworks, wandering gods, boating, temple fairs, visiting gongs and drums Vernier flags, wine lanterns, flower lanterns, etc. Traditional festival rituals and related customs and activities have always been an important part of the festival, carrying rich and colorful festival culture.

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the special custom of the Spring Festival is to offer sacrifices to the stove on December 23 or 24 of the lunar calendar. After nightfall, the stove should be cleaned, the old kitchen king should be removed and burned, and the new image should be pasted on the morning of new year's Eve. As soon as one is given away and one is welcomed, wine, meat, candy, sugar cane, rice fruit, incense burning, candle lighting, paper cannons, etc. should be placed,. The folk activity of offering sacrifices to cooks can be traced back to the pre-Qin period, but at the beginning, the day of offering sacrifices to cooks was not a small New Year's day. Zheng Xuan's note to the book of rites · method says: "the (Kitchen God) lives in the world, and the Secretary inspects minor mistakes and acts as a censure." it is said that these days are the days when the kitchen god returns to the palace from the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month to the new year's Eve. On New Year's Eve, the Kitchen God should be invited again. People will first paste the statue of the kitchen Lord, and then start preparing the new year's Eve dinner. According to the record of local customs written by Zhou Chu, a famous person of the Jin Dynasty in China, "on the night of the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, it is said that the kitchen god will go to heaven the next day. It is a year old, so it will be worshipped one day first."

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