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How many dishes are the most auspicious for new year's Eve dinner? What's the best

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in people's lives, some numbers are special to them because they will have a positive impact on their lives. So how many dishes are their best choices at this particularly happy time of new year's Eve dinner? This is also very important. Because this will affect their development in the new year.


how many dishes are most suitable for new year's Eve dinner? The number of new year's Eve meals prepared by different people in different regions is also different. But in many places, the dishes on the table must be even, such as 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, etc. Therefore, a family can eat at least six dishes and take the color of "liuliudashun". It's also good to have more than eight dishes. There are too many auspicious words and homophonic meanings about "8", or 10 dishes are "perfect". More people can add even numbers, as long as it's not too wasteful. What is the best dish for new year's Eve dinner? It's lucky to eat fish, shrimp, dumplings, chicken, New Year cake, fried pile and Ruyi dish. Eating fish means more than every year, eating dumplings means attracting wealth, eating shrimp means laughing, eating chicken means good luck, eating New Year cake means better year by year, and eating Ruyi dishes means "rise" and "hair". Because there is a traditional Chinese saying that there are more than fish every year, fish is an essential dish for new year's Eve dinner. Eating carp on New Year's Eve is homonymous with "ceremony", and eating carp for the new year is very auspicious. New year's Eve to eat crucian carp, crucian carp with "auspicious" homonym, new year's carp and crucian carp eat together is great luck. Eat silver carp on New Year's Eve, which is homonymous with "Lian", and eat silver carp for the new year.


what to eat for new year's Eve? In Chinese folk custom, eating "dumplings" on New Year's Eve is an important feast that can not be replaced by any delicacies. "Jiaozi", also known as "Jiaozi" or "jiao'er", means the alternation of the old and the new. It is also a feast that must be eaten according to the meaning of God. Eating dumplings means "Jiaozi at a younger age", and "Zi" means "Zishi", which is homonymous with "Jiaozi", which means "happy reunion" and "good luck". In addition, because dumplings look like Yuanbao, eating dumplings during the new year also has the auspicious meaning of "Attracting Wealth and treasure". The choice of dumpling stuffing is directly related to the meaning. The most common leek stuffing implies the meaning of long-term wealth, because long-term means long-term wealth. In winter, the typical Chinese cabbage meat stuffing means 100 money. Finally, there is the pickled cabbage loved by Nanjing people, which is said to have the meaning of calculating wealth.

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