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What are the days to worship Buddha and pray for blessings in the first month

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everyone hopes that their life can be smooth in the current year. No matter what kind of things they have experienced, they can be well resolved and have a positive impact in the end. Then people often need to pray in the first month. Let yourself in the new year, can be satisfactory, better development.

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why do you worship Buddha and pray in the first month? In order to pray for the blessing of Buddha and Bodhisattva, give luck, avoid disaster, ask Buddha for guidance and thank kindness. The worship of three treasures, or gratitude and reverence, is spontaneous and sincere from the heart. That is, worship for repentance. Those who can do repentance worship must be modest or are learning to be modest. Therefore, repentance worship can improve people's personality, change people's temperament, and make people honest, gentle and modest. Worshipping Buddha without appearance is worshipping for nothing, which is divided into three levels. At first, I knew that I was worshipping, experienced every action of worshipping, and commanded my body to worship; Entering the second level is to know that you are worshipping and experience that you are worshipping, but the heart of command is gone; Finally, we reached the third level. We had neither command nor experience, but we clearly knew that people were worshipping. Do you mind who this person is? He's doing it anyway. Precautions for worshipping Buddha in the first month if you go to the temple for incense, there are usually many doors in the temple, but not every door can go in and out at will. For example, the door into the main hall is generally divided into three doors. The middle door is called the empty door, which can only allow your family to go in and out freely. Like us, people who go to incense should go through the door on the right, And when entering the door, we should pay attention to that if it is a male guest, we should take the left foot first, if it is a female guest, we should take the right foot first, but we must not step on the threshold. Stepping on the threshold will be impolite, so the wish of burning incense will not be realized.

worship Buddha and pray for good luck in the first month lunar calendar: the seventh day of the first month of 2021 Gregorian calendar: Thursday, February 18, 2021 Peng zubaiji: Ding doesn't shave his head, you won't have a guest confrontation: chicken richong (Xinmao) rabbit suisha: suisha East Yang God: Northwest Yin God: Zhengxi [what's appropriate today] marriage    Travel    clean    be united in wedlock    be engaged    Migration    Accept wealth    Subscription    Groundbreaking    pray for auspiciousness    bath    Bury    Anmen    Build    to discharge water    Moving coffin    An Xiang       Breaking ground    Ask for an heir    Upper beam    Vertical column    Plastic painting    Thank the earth    Fasting [today's taboo] bed    Cook

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