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Is it better to sacrifice the car at night or during the day? Is it better to sacrifice the car in the afternoon

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after buying their own cars, people generally sacrifice their cars according to their own customs and cultural habits. So how to better sacrifice the car is also a crucial point for everyone, because the production of this custom and culture will involve the choice of time and what kind of goods are needed during the sacrifice of the car.

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what's special about the sacrificial cart? According to the traditional words of the Yellow calendar, the sacrificial cart is a kind of knowledge. It runs continuously according to the sun and moon, and the five elements are constantly replaced. There are not only good days, but also good hours in a day, and the orientation of the cart head at each good hour is different. It's like a plate with a big ring and a small ring. Each ring has different scales, Each ring has different rotation speed, which is a fate model that people thought before. They are changing with the time of the sun and moon, which is also the algorithm of the Yellow calendar. When is the best time to sacrifice the car? It's a good time in the evening. It's a great time to sacrifice the car. Some places pay more attention, and some places don't mention sacrificing cars. My brother bought a car to sacrifice the car. At that time, the front of the car should face south, the small table in front of the car, incense burner, wine, steamed bread, fruit, fish and so on, some food, as well as firecrackers set off in front of the small table, and then everyone ate.


how to better choose the front station with golden incense in hand, and listen to me about the position on the car. The head of the car respects you and worries you inside and outside. Thousands of miles away, you lead the way and return home safely all the year round. Lights lead the way in front of Bodhisattvas, as light shines day and night. Master of the steering wheel, you take care of the southeast and northwest. It's up to you to turn around and keep safe all year round. You are the master of the locomotive. Go in all directions. It's up to you to go up the mountain and cross the bridge. Master wheel, you are the king. Hurry and slow. You worry. In times of crisis, you guarantee that the four seasons will take root safely. Mountain God, road God, cliff head God, yellow fairy and white dragon fairy. If there are vehicles passing by, please raise your hand and keep safe.

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