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It's a good and correct way to sacrifice cars before or after the new year

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in the life of each zodiac sign, they will have different views on the same thing, which is also affected by their customs and culture. So when people buy a new car or the new year is coming, how to better choose the time of car sacrifice is also a crucial point for anyone.

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sacrificial carts are suitable for sacrificial carts before or after the new year. According to the traditional words of the Yellow calendar, it is a knowledge. According to the continuous operation of the sun and moon, the five elements are constantly replaced. There are not only good days, but also good hours in a day, and the orientation of the front of the cart at each good hour is different, which is like a plate with a big ring covering a small ring, Each ring has a different scale, and each ring has a different rotation speed. It is still suitable to sacrifice cars before the new year to bless peace in the coming year. The correct way to sacrifice the car is that the front of the car usually faces east or south, but it should face the door, because if the car can't reverse after sacrifice, it will be unlucky to drive away directly. The tribute is generally divided into two kinds: continuous sacrifice and dizzy sacrifice. There are five colored fruits, reunion noodles and steamed bread. Halo sacrifice is to add a knife of meat on the basis of continuous sacrifice and release raw fish. Generally, the reason why the sacrificial car chooses to take a live cock is to raise it by itself, or to buy it in the vegetable market, but it must be a live cock. This represents vitality. The sacrificial cart also needs to prepare red cloth, which is usually pulled for about two meters. Generally, when sacrificing the cart, the red cloth is tied to the steering wheel, the reflector, the front windshield and the wheels of the cart. But remember not to block your sight.

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what should we pay attention to when sacrificing the car? When sacrificing the car, we usually kill the chicken on the spot in front of the newly bought car, and then drip the chicken blood around the car. The moral is. Then take a few chicken feathers on the chicken wings and dip some chicken blood. Then stick the chicken feather stained with chicken blood to the rear of the car, usually next to the number plate. Then hang the bought auspicious pendants on the rear-view mirror in front of the car, which are generally jade and Buddha statues with the words of safe journey, good luck, safe years, safe journey, etc. After hanging the pendant, then light the prepared firecrackers. The sound of firecrackers means to drive away all bad luck, implying that the traveler has a good journey and peace. When the younger generation buys a new car, some elders will prepare a big red envelope for the younger generation. Generally, the red envelope contains lucky numbers such as 88, 666 and 888, which means smooth progress.

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